“His father told him: ‘My child, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours” (Lk 15:31)


This is what the father told his son in the parable of the prodigal. The backslider has come home. The older son was angry and jealous because his father now lavishes his love on his once lost son. Are you angry? Or are you grateful?


The father stands for God the Father. Child of God, you who feel ignored, neglected and rejected. These feelings are the poisonous arrows of the devil who is a liar. The devil hates families. He wants that the children should fight their parents. He wants the parents to hate their children. The same devil wants to destroy marriages. But listen to the Father! He calls you ‘Child’! “You are My Child!” He is reminding you that you are always in His presence. He loves you. He cares for you. He protects you. He guides you. By His Spirit and by His Word! He promises to never leave you and never forsake you. God is a God of the Covenant. Even when you are not faithful, He is always faithful to the promises He freely gave to you.


Listen again: “Everything I have is yours’. Child of God, this idea that you are a poor person with no hope and no future is a total lie. In Christ, you have everything that is good. What do you want? The past, the present, the future, these are all yours. Death and life are yours, these are your servants. Do what you want with them.  The authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions is yours! Do not look at what you miss! Look at what you have! The presence and God is yours! The blessings of God in Christ are yours!


Jesus said: “If you believe, you shall see My glory!” True faith leads to glory! May your feet walk the right ever shining path of truth and grace! May your eyes see the King in His beauty! May your ears hear the word of God speaking from behind: This is the road of holy success! Walk in it! And now, let us praise the Lord!


2 comments on “ALWAYS WITH ME

  1. Omoko, Jacob Ebikabowei says:

    I feel refreshed, strengthened and hopeful from a despair concerning my scholarship program after reading this message. I have been worried and disturbed several times about my scholarship seeing that after students of the first batch graduated the Nigerian government NIMASA to be precised has not be able to send cadets for their mandatory one year Sea-board training in compliance with IMO’s requirements. And by next year my own batch would graduating also to join the over 1,500 students in the country with no hope getting a vessel for my cadetship training. May God help his children IN Jesus Name. Amen. I am a member of FHBC, Warri. Currently studying in the Philippines. I do follow your messages but this is the first time I am leaving acomment. Ma Leah, Please pray for me and all the Scholars.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      If you are a born again child of God, this is the law of your life: You depend on the Lord Jesus Christ for everything! You do not hope or trust in men. Period! Each time you remove your eyes from Jesus and you look at people or circumstances for your strength, guidance, hope, encouragement or progress in life, you shall be disappointed. God will make sure that you be disappointed, for He wants to be your provider and God alone. He is a jealous God. Retrace your steps spiritually and fine tune your focus! Look unto Jesus! Keep studying the Word of God. Get stronger spiritually and you shall walk in vctory every day! I wish you well. God bless you, Jacob!

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