“For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes” (1Cor 11:26)

The Holy Communion is designed to be the link between the Cross (the past) and the second coming of Christ (the future). It is a visible sermon connecting the price and suffering of love with the glorious reward of love. At the Lord’s Table the pain and the glory meet face to face. Each time we take the bread and the wine we connect the past with the future, the salvation that happened at the cross with the perfected salvation that will happen on the day of the Lord! Each time we take the Holy Communion we proclaim, we preach, we teach, we publicly declare that Jesus died for our sins, He rose again and shall one day come back in power and glory! If you do not believe in the Cross or you do not believe in the second coming of Christ, please do not take the Holy Communion. That means you are taking it ‘unworthily’. You are a sinner and you need to give your life to Christ.


But for the rest of us, the true born again children of God, the Lord’s Table is a means of imparted grace. We come, rejoicing with fear. By the power of the Holy Spirit, with the bread and the wine in our hands, the Lord Jesus Christ seems so real to us… As we come to the Lord’s Table, we are comforted that God knows our sufferings and all our sorrows. He knows each tear that falls, each secret sigh and each unspoken longing. Our sufferings cannot compare with the glory that shall be revealed, not only to us, but in us! The Blood of Jesus speaks even right now! Be healed! Be delivered! Be blessed! In Jesus name, amen!



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