“I love the Lord, because He has heard

My voice and my supplications

Because He has inclined His ear to me,

Therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live” (Ps 116:1, 2)


The evening prayer was very good. The Holy Spirit encouraged us to pray with boldness and make ‘big’ requests before the throne of God. One of the most beautiful things we see in revival is how adults and children pray together in one accord. The children in Father’s House pray ‘like the adults’ or even better. They lift their little faces to heaven and tears pour down on their cheeks as they pray. It is a wonderful thing to witness the grace of God upon our children. Money cannot buy this grace! Glory to God! Thank You Jesus!


We prayed against the evil spirits of infirmity, stomach ulcer, fibroids, bareness, diabetes, depression, skin diseases. We prayed against the evil spirit of fear, poverty, doubt, religion and witchcraft. We prayed that God’s grace will manifest and His people will buy lands and build houses. They will not die as tenants. Their landlords will not organize their ‘service of songs’. They will fulfill God’s plan for their lives. We said “YES!!!” to the will and to the way of God! We shouted NO to the devil! The Holy Spirit helped us so that all these prayers were done in faith and were very real to us. The God who invented prayers will answer them, for His glory and for our good! We shall love and worship God even more because He has heard and answered our prayers. We then sang: “Baba-ooo… Baba-ooo…” (In Nigeria God Almighty is sometimes called Baba, which means Father- in heaven).


The word was from Acts 4. Peter and John were persecuted because of an act of kindness done to a cripple. They prayed and the crippled man was healed. The religious leaders were angry and tried to stop the faith in the Living God from spreading. But nobody can stop the power of the name of Jesus! They warned Peter and John never to speak the name of Jesus again. The apostles then went to their friends who are believers and they organized a prayer meeting. They prayed for two things: Boldness to speak in the name of Jesus and faith that miracles will follow their ministry. They prayed until the place was shaken. There is power in congregational prayer. For the unbelievers, prayers look like a joke. But when the believers gather to pray, power is released from heaven.  Question: do you attend the prayer meetings organized in your church?  If not, you miss many blessings!


They prayed specifically for boldness and for miracles. The word boldness means to continue to do what God told you to do, in spite of the opposition coming from the evil spirits of fear, doubt, rejection and shame. You need to confront your fears, your doubts, your rejection and your shame. You need to reject them. Then you strengthen yourself in the Lord. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Your life will change and you shall testify to the goodness and power of God! “Baba-ooo… Baba-ooo…We worship You!”

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