These words are taken from my diary three years ago. There is no way to describe the presence of God among His children. I pray that the Sweet Holy Spirit helps you to feel and dance the holy dance of everlasting love…

“I prepared my sermon for this evening prophetic prayer meeting. I prayed in English and in the Spirit, that our evening’s sacrifice may be accepted by the Lord. With my hand on the handle, in front of the door, ready to go, I quickly reviewed my notes once more. Then suddenly I felt the hush of the Spirit blowing over me. He said: ‘This evening, like Cinderella and her prince, you shall forget the mundane…for we shall dance together…’ I smiled and said ‘Thank You Lord…my heart and my feet are ready…’

I don’t know why, but for a moment I thought He was joking…Dance? We started the service with prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to come. We declared our need for Him. Then we praised God with all our heart. The children started dancing round about the sanctuary. I went up to the altar. I was still waiting for ‘my slot’ to preach my sermon. I forgot about the promised romance. I thought the people needed some ‘head food’. Only God knew their hearts were just dry and thirsty for a fresh visitation, for an encounter that cannot be described with human words. No sermon of mine could have been enough. They needed something that only God can give. They needed life and joy and love… They needed to dance with Jesus….

Microphone in hand, ready to preach, suddenly this song came to me ‘out of the blue’ heavens…’Dance with me Lord, lover of my soul…’ I could feel the anointing lifting me up, the worship team followed and we just started singing in the Spirit, again and again…’The Lover of my soul is coming to me…Closer and Closer He comes…over the mountains of troubles, over the hills of grief…Closer and Closer He comes…I see You…I see You…I touch You…I touch You…I love You…I love You…Dance with me Lord, Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs…’ The anointing came as a rushing river of life, fearful praises, His glory kissed our faces…we danced floating round about, the old and the children, the fat and the slim…who cares…for He calls me Beautiful…in His eyes, I am beautiful…’
I cannot describe the scene… how souls fell in love with Jesus… for the mountain of transfiguration is only for them that long for the climb, miss the heavenly cloud and play on the angels’ harps…

“Even so come, Lord Jesus!”
All glory to You, Lord Jesus!


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