Please read and meditate on the love story between Boaz and Ruth. It is one of the most beautiful romantic stories ever written. Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer, is a type of Christ. We see the beauty, the strength, the wisdom and the grace of Christ in him. Ruth represents the Church. In the Book of Ruth we have a glimpse of how Jesus Christ ‘dates’ His Bride, also called the Body of Christ or the Church of the living God. Jesus is the heavenly Bridegroom! Worship Him!


Boaz falls in love with Ruth and marries her. This is a symbol of the reality we have in Christ. This is the free gracious revelation that comes from the Spirit of God: Jesus loves you! He is passionately in love with you! He is romantically in love with you! Jesus sees you beautiful for He has made you for Himself! He died for you so that you, the sinner, might become His beloved bride. You are saved by grace alone and by faith alone! This extravagant passionate love of Jesus for His Church is one of the greatest revelations from the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen us, the true believers!



Ruth prayed to find favor (grace) with a landlord, to be allowed to glean in his field. Probably Naomi told her that the God of Israel is a God of compassion. She knew that the law of Jehovah gave to the poor foreigners ‘the right’ to glean, to pick the grains left behind the harvesters (Lev 19: 9, 10). But Ruth did not stubbornly insist on ‘her right’. She did not argue her case based on the law. She was a woman of grace so she prayed for grace. Her encounter with Boaz happened on the foundation of grace!!!


Ruth is a true woman of God, humble and gracious. These are signs of heavenly royalty. In the natural, she was a poor childless widow, dressed in faded ‘second hand’ clothes. This is what everybody saw on the outside. But spiritually, she was a princess with God. The grace of the Living God was shining thru her. Boaz discovers and marvels at this grace, especially as Ruth was a foreigner. Later in the story you see that the other kinsman did not appreciate this grace of God upon Ruth. He saw her just as a liability that will ‘endanger his own estate’ (Ru 4:6). He refuses to marry her and gives that right to Boaz. Unbelievers only appreciate outward beauty and external benefits. They despise and mock the grace of God. But Boaz is a man of God just like his Master, Jesus Christ, a man of grace and truth. He appreciated Ruth not only for her outward beauty but especially for this spiritual gift of God’s favor upon her. He sees her as his true ‘twin’ sister in Christ, his helpmeet, his lost rib, his future wife and the mother of his children. In Christ they are one! This grace recognized by Boaz in Ruth is the major reason why he ‘fell in love’ with her and why he chose to marry her.


I am sure you know this scripture: “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD” (PV 18:22). The godly man seeks and finds a wife. Like a rose among thorns, so this wife is found in the midst of women folk. This gift of a godly wife is good and filled with favor from God. This favor is located inside the wife. This is a warning! If a man divorces his godly and faithful wife, he will not be able to retain the favor of God in her absence. For that grace was found inside the package called ‘wife’. Brother, did you find the grace of God inside your wife? Then love her without fear! Cherish her and protect your marriage, for if you lose her, the favor will go away too. Be wise! Finally these are some questions for the men: Brothers, do you know what I am talking about? Do you know the grace of God? Can you identify the grace of God in a single woman? Then marry her! Husband, are you able to see the grace of God in your wife? Then thank God for your wife! Your marriage is blessed! This is the gift of God to you! Give thanks to God for He loves you!


Do you pray for grace? Have you experienced the power and the glory of the grace of God? Do you know that grace is enough for you, sufficient to solve every problem you may have (2Cor 12:9)? Proud and selfish people know nothing about grace. For God only ‘shows favor to the humble and oppressed” (PV 3:34). Are you humble? Are you oppressed, afflicted and unfairly treated? Then rejoice! The grace of God shall locate you and shall deliver you from your enemy! This word is settled in heaven and on earth! Believe it!


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