This is a word for a Christian sister who is praying for marriage: Fast and pray this month of January! Read the book of Esther. Identify with Queen Esther! The first wife, Queen Vashti had to leave the marriage, the throne and the palace before Esther could become the new wife and Queen. You may marry a man who is now divorced and who has suffered in his first marriage. Esther was by far more spiritual than King Xerxes. Your husband may be less spiritual than you but he is surely a child of God. He may not be a pastor but a business man. Remember the Word of God: The wife is the spiritual helper of the husband (Gen 2:18). Your future husband needs you to fulfill his destiny. Without you he cannot do it. Marriage is more work than pleasure. Pleasure comes, but not immediately. It comes like the harvest, after much planting and caring. You must learn the principle of delayed satisfaction! You invest in your husband the very things you want to enjoy later. You cannot expect to marry a ‘ready-made’ man. Even if his mother, sisters or former wife planted seeds (good or bad) in him, you need a new plantation in your marriage. You shall patiently uproot those old plants and plant new good seeds. What is important is that his heart is a good ‘soil’ heart. He must be a child of God! You cannot marry an unbeliever. But you can marry a ‘baby Christian’. Basically, your husband loves God; is a kind, loving, hardworking and generous man. Have faith that the miracle of a godly God glorifying wedding will happen this year, 2017! You too shall leave the rank of single women and become a married woman to the glory of God! In Jesus name, amen!


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