We arrived in Lagos yesterday. Pastor Tony, his wife and daughter, my husband and I we entered a mini bus from the airport to the hotel. Suddenly we saw a police van following us and commanding us to stop. Three police men came towards our car and shouted that our driver (a young man of about 30) crossed on red. The driver was explaining that he did it on yellow. There was a heated argument between the driver and the police. Pastor Tony wanted to say something but my husband said we should all keep quiet for now. Then the police said that we should follow their van to the police station. We quietly agreed. We started driving quietly praying in the Spirit. After about ten minutes the police van suddenly stopped along the road and one of them came down to talk again with our driver. Then my husband called him to his side and said:

‘Officer, you insist that our young driver made a mistake and you want to punish all of us for that. May God not allow you to taste from this cup you offer us today! May God not allow you to fall into the hands of your seniors who will monitor and punish you for every mistake you make! Do you know the story in the Bible, about the woman who was caught in adultery? The self righteous men wanted to stone her to death. But when Jesus confronted them, they dropped their stones and went away sobered. You insist that our driver broke the traffic law. That is ok. But you broke a higher law by taking all of us to police station. You broke a spiritual law. You looked inside the car and saw all of us. Look at me well. I am not a young man. You want to arrest your father. You judge who broke a higher law. It is only those who show mercy that shall receive mercy. Judge yourself…’

My husband was talking slowly, in a quiet voice. The anointing of a true father was clearly upon him. The police man listened to the words and could not move. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all around us. Ministry was going on. Police men arrested the children of God. But now, The Holy Spirit arrested a man who I believe God was calling to salvation. This was ‘church’ going on along a dusty road of Lagos… Then the police man said that his ‘Oga’ is in the van. He went to talk to him and came back. The Oga himself came and said that we are free to go. He also offered that they can follow us back to the airport as an escort. We declined saying that we are on our way to the hotel. We thanked them and spoke blessings on them. See how things have changed. There was no quarrel and no bribe. Only the power of the Word of God! Great lesson for all!

May God show you mercy! May God intervene in all your crises! May God overrule the decision of your enemies! May Give you divine wisdom to deal with unexpected situations in life! May God bless the words of your mouth! May God change your sorrow into joy! In Jesus name, amen!















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