“Increase our faith [our ability to confidently trust in God and in His power]” (Lk 17:5; AMP)

The Biblical faith that God desires to find in our hearts is the living faith that is intimately connected with the Word of God, which alone is Truth. Never forget! True faith is rooted in the Word of God. Faith and truth are twins!!! In Greek, the word faith is ‘pistis’. This peculiar faith is the personal faith of Jesus Christ, imparted in us, God’s children. It is only the born again child of God that has this faith working in him. The general (religious) faith that says: ‘God is somewhere in heaven…’ is not accepted by God and it will not ‘work miracles’. This ‘pistis’ faith is pleasing to God and is able to ‘produce’ miracles (healing, deliverance, protection, financial breakthrough …).


We shall apply this revelation to the area of marital fruitfulness. But you can apply it to any other area of need in your life. For example: the Word of God says: “Though faith… they obtained promises…” (Heb 11:33). The same Word of God says: “Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children like olive shoots surrounding your table” (Ps 128:3). The connection between these two verses has to be done only by faith. The promise of fruitfulness in marriage is God’s will and not our personal wish. I need the ‘pistis’ faith to be able ‘to swallow and digest’ the truth. I need faith to believe that in my marital home ‘children’ (plural) shall surround my ‘table’ (singular). This tells me that it is God’s will for my husband and I to have at least two children (surely not just one). It is not God’s will for us to be a barren, lonely, getting-old sad couple that has money to buy many tables but no children to surround them.


God promises to give us one table and more than one child!!! I must ‘obtain’ this promise! ‘Why then am I still childless’? ‘Why is it that my only child has no brother or sister to play with?’ The Word of God says that I need faith ‘to obtain this promise’ of children. It is not enough to just read Psalm 128. It is not enough for me to just desire children. It is not enough for husband and wife ‘to sleep’ together so that they have children. I need faith to ‘obtain’ my God’s promised children. To obtain in means to possess something thru effort. Faith is not passive! Faith is a fighter and a champion! You go to war against your enemy and you conquer him, ‘obtaining’ his crown. In particular, it means to do warfare in the Spirit realm, until you prevail against the demon of doubt that holds ‘your promised children’ as hostages. You need to defeat doubt until your children are free to manifest into your home. Spiritually lazy people do not have faith for such trophies and testimonies. But for those who prayed and believed the God of the Bible, all the wonderful promises shall manifest in their lives.


Finally, this is a good prayer for you this morning: “Lord Jesus, please increase my faith until I defeat doubt and I am able to obtain Your precious promises to me!” May your life become a testimony that God answers prayers! May your life give glory to God! In Jesus name, amen!



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