“Jesus replied: “Every plant that My heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots” (Mt 15:13). The prayer meeting was very good. All the evil territorial spirits were clearly defeated tonight. We praised God for who He is! There was a prophetic word saying that we have ‘entered a season of Peace’. We shall have an encounter with Jehovah Shalom, the Lord is Peace. In Hebrew, the word ‘Shalom’ means peace, health and wealth. It also means to be safe (mentally, emotionally and financially). It means to have many good friends, to be rewarded for your labor and to prosper beyond your imagination.


To enter this ‘Promised Land of Peace’ we must be free from any root of bitterness. We read Deuteronomy 29. God gets angry with anyone who is bitter and blesses himself saying: “I will have peace though I continue to walk with a stubborn spirit” (Deut 29:19). There is divine punishment upon any believer who mixes the worship of God with the bitterness of idolatry. In Hebrew, the word ‘bitter root’ means a poisonous plant or venomous snake. The bitter root slowly kills your peace and your joy. Many of the chronic sicknesses (High Blood Pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression, migraines, waist pains …) are connected with the root of bitterness. You need to be free!


Pray for spiritual eyes to see. The seed of bitterness was planted long ago. There was an ugly incident you have tried so hard to forget. The devil sent someone to you. He or she came as a friend. It may be during your childhood. You loved that person. You trusted that one. But you were betrayed. Love turned to disappointment. For the first time you knew that there is a devil in this world. You were deeply hurt. This pain became part of you. You could not process it. You tried to forget it but you could not. After so many years, it still affects your soul. Since then, God has blessed you. But from time to time you still feel sad, angry or moody. You do not trust people. It has affected your health and your marriage. If you are single, it is hard for you to ‘fall in love’ with anyone. You easily find fault with people. You are not able be sweet, happy or content with your lot in life. You have only superficial peace. You have no deep peace. You need to identify this bitter root and uproot it from your spirit. This is called deliverance. During the prayer of deliverance you may experience physical signs: vomit, sneezing, coughing, shaking or fainting. But if you have faith in God, that demon must leave you and go away.   At the mention of the name of Jesus, every knee must bow! Chose today one of these two: Peace and prosperity or bitter poison. You can do it! Remember: Jehovah Shalom, your God, has good and great plans for you. May His plans prosper in your life! I wish you well! In Jesus name, amen!

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