“The one who listens to you listens to Me (The Lord Jesus Christ); and the one who rejects you rejects Me (The Lord Jesus Christ); and the one who rejects Me (The Lord Jesus Christ) rejects Him [My Heavenly Father] who sent Me (The Lord Jesus Christ)” (Luke 10:16)
In Christ I declare: I am a child of God! I am a servant of Christ! I am an ambassador of Christ! He sends me to others, to speak His Word. These are not my words but His. Along the way, as I do ministry, I know that I will meet two types of people. Some will listen to me and others will close their ears. Some will receive me and others will reject me. There is no other ‘middle road’ group. This is a simple instruction received from my Master. There is no need to be confused or deceived by the men who reject me or my message of peace.
The truth is that the Lord has sent me into a good and great field. This is my message: Jesus Christ came to save sinners like me and you! He died for you that you may live! Proclaiming this message is my ministry! There is the promise of an abundant harvest connected with the Hope of glory! It is also a dangerous field. I do not deceive myself. I am a sheep sent to save and encourage other sheep that are lost in the forest claimed by the wolves. I do not have physical weapons. I do not have strong teeth to bite. I cannot run faster than the wolves. I cannot manipulate, seduce or be rude. But the divine wisdom, the power and the Spirit’s anointing, these are weapons of grace given to me by my Shepherd and are always more than sufficient for every situation.
My life is an ‘on- going- never- ending’ miracle. I lose nothing even when I pour out my heart daily. The supply, both spiritual and material, never stops. God’s mercy and encouragement are new and creative every morning. I do not speak old faded words. My words are fresh like the dew, each morning. My spiritual engine is fueled by the agape love of God that never fails. I carry with me in my heart and in my mouth the words of peace, power, healing and eternal life. If any receive them, the seal of the Holy Spirit will become visible upon that one. He will be blessed with all manner of riches. The spiritual connection between me and that one endures forever. In heaven we shall remember and rejoice at the testimony of how our holy friendship started on earth. But if anyone (politely or rudely) ignores or rejects my words, I take it that the person does not need me. He will answer to the God who sent me. God may use another of His messengers who is more qualified than me. No problem! When someone rejects me, I never feel sorry for myself. I do not indulge in self-pity. That is a luxury I cannot afford.
I know that my work for God comes with a very high responsibility. I pray daily, for instructions and for the strength and wisdom to obey them. I do not criticize myself. I leave the results with God. I know that my ministry has the greatest reward there is. Jesus promised to be with my always, to the end of the world and to the end of time. God’s presence is my Reward! I seek no other! To God be all the glory!

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