“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them” (Mk 11:24; KJ)

Dear Child of God, the revelation faith of this particular scripture has healed the sick, has delivered the oppressed and has opened a great door of freedom for many people. Study it word by word. Pray over each word. The Holy Spirit will help you see the truth that will set you free.


These are the very words of our Lord Jesus Christ. ‘I say unto you…’ He brings our attention to the things we desire. ‘What things soever ye desire…’ This is the truth: each person has his (her) own heart’ desires. Please observe that there is no limit to the desires (plural) expressed in prayer. Of course, God will not approve sinful lusts or those desires that are against His will. But one thing is clear: express all your desires to God, even if you are not sure which one is right or wrong.  God is sovereign even in the way He answers prayers. He has to right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as He pleases.


The next thing Jesus says is to pray; not ‘if you pray’ but ‘when you pray’. In other words, no matter what, no matter how you feel, no matter the circumstances, you should pray! Prayer is your duty and responsibility as a child of God!


Then you observe that during the time of prayer, you have to do something: You need to ‘inject’ faith mixed with an expectation to receive the answer. To ‘receive’ it means to make space, to make room for the answer. It is like a woman getting pregnant, receiving the baby in her womb. Many make a mistake here.  They just wait passively for God to ‘do something’. But this ‘believing and receiving’ is not passive. It is a pro – active thing. The word ‘receive’ means to ‘greet’ the miracle, to ‘welcome’ the testimony. (For example: you are sick with malaria. You come to God with worship and prayer. During the prayer, you ‘make space’ for this ‘believe and receive’ part. These verbs are written at present tense. In other words: ‘By faith I believed and I received’! You then ‘stop’ the prayer and welcome your healing. You say: ‘Healing, you are my gift from God! I welcome you into my heart, into my spirit, into my body. I greet you, I embrace you. I am soo happy to meet with you. I waited for you for a long time! You are mine….’  Then you end the prayer with thanksgiving, vowing to give God all the glory for the healing).


Here you see the power and the privilege of prayer in the name of Jesus! Once you do all these, you can rest your soul. Start to rejoice! The answer shall surely come: ‘ye shall have them’. This is the promise of God! Please observe that this ‘believing and receiving’ is not done after the end of the prayer, after you say ‘amen’ and you have gone out of the presence of God. You are to ‘believe and receive’ ‘WHEN YOU PRAY’; when you are in the throne room, face to face with the King of kings. The timing and the spiritual protocol is very important. Selah!!!


Finally, remember that God loves you and He wants to bless you with His gifts. God is generous, gracious, loving, kind and powerful. Nothing is impossible for Him to do.  Practice prayer in the Spirit. Worship the Lord! Make friends with men and women who love to pray. Reject the religious evil spirit who pretends to pray but uses doubt instead of faith and fear instead of joy. Also note that even if God does not immediately sends you the answer, the fact that you desire to seek Him, God will reward you for that (Heb 11:6). May prayer become your blessed, faithful and holy ‘work’ from today! Come back with a testimony, that God has answered your prayers! I wait for you! I pray for you! God bless you!

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