The prayer meeting was very good. We praised God, we did spiritual warfare and we prayed. At the beginning there was an opposition in the atmosphere, a stronghold of religion that did not permit us to freely enjoy God’s presence. This hindrance could have been a good excuse to just declare defeat. But we refused to be defeated. The Captain of our salvation commanded us to fight therefore we must fight. We could not think about the danger of the battle. We needed to obey the Word and leave the worry for later. We prayed against every hindrance that blocks our spiritual progress as people, as families and as a church. We declared that no evil person will be able to hide in the crowd and attend church tomorrow. We declared that the fire of the Holy Spirit will drive away from the gate all occult unrepentant people! In the name of Jesus!

Immediately we sensed an open door of grace to enter the breakthrough promised by God. We entered! We did not look back! We declared that from now on it will be ‘forward ever’! From grace to grace! From strength to strength! We worshipped the One who died for us! We worshipped the One who calls us to Himself! We worshipped the Lord Jesus Christ in the Beauty of His holiness! ‘I love to love You Lord…’ The anointing was strong enough to heal any sickness and to destroy any chain! To God be all the glory!


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