“And he sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God: and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper” (2Chr 26:5)


Many Christians are seeking for the way to prosperity. They pray long prayers and fast too, but their lives do not change. This is because they are not willing to pay the price to seek God acceptably who alone is the Author and Giver of prosperity. King Uzziah was a successful king. He lived a long life; he defeated the great enemies of Judah; he became famous and rich; he built cities and had a great army. Later in life his prosperity made him proud and God judged him with leprosy. Nevertheless we can learn from him, what the secret of his prosperity was. We can also learn from his mistakes and be careful to remain humble even when God blesses us financially.


In the scripture above you see the two basic requirements you need to fulfill if you desire a successful life with God at the center. Simply said you need to seek (God) and submit (to the spiritual authority God placed above you). Uzziah did both and God granted him prosperity.  In Hebrew the word ‘Prosper’ means to push forward, to break out mightily and to be profitable.

To seek it means to search for something that is hidden. God reveals Himself and also He conceals Himself. Often God brings a cloud of darkness between you and Him. The purpose of this separation is to stir you up to holy romance and to create a longing in your heart so that you will run after Him. To seek it means to ask questions. Never be afraid to ask God questions. You will not be rude or proud in asking. This is my experience: as a teacher I take pleasure when my students ask me questions. I know the difference, when they want to waste my time and when they are truly serious to learn more. The purpose of asking these questions is to know God better, to understand His heart and His ways. To seek it also means to dream big and to pursue the fulfillment of these dreams. This is my advice: If you want to know God, then you need to ask God questions and wait for His answers. The opposite of seeking is to be passive, to hide or to ignore God. It also means to lose opportunities of intimate communion with God, when He is available and willing to answer your questions.


The second thing you need to do on the holy road of prosperity is to submit to the spiritual authority God has placed over you. King Uzziah’s father was a king. He learned the royal protocol from his father. But Uzziah was wise and humble enough to realize that he needs a spiritual mentor. He knew the power of spiritual covering. He cherished his relationship with a prophet called Zechariah, who ‘had understanding in the visions of God’ ‘who thought him the fear of God’ (KJ; NIV). Uzziah’s prosperity was directly connected with his humble submission to the prophet. It is not easy for a king to humble himself under one of his ‘subjects’. But he knew that the ‘man of God’ was more spiritual than him and he gladly accepted his counsel.


Lastly, this is a warning: any form of passivity, spiritual laziness, carelessness about the affairs of your soul, rebellion or pride will shut the door to prosperity. No matter the level of your education, your past professional experience, skills, gifts or hard work, you will not proposer if you reject the law of God. May God grant ‘a melting anointing’ so that you can truly repent from the heart! According to His Word, may God bless the humble seekers with His promised prosperity! In Jesus’ name, amen!


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