“Go in peace,” Elisha said” (1Kg 5:19)

The prophetic prayer meeting was very good. The Holy Spirit came and covered us with His light heaviness. We sang in the Spirit… ‘What manner of Man is Jesus? Halleluiah! He makes the blind to see! Halleluiah! He makes the lame to walk! Halleluiah! He came from heaven to earth, to show us the way… From the earth to the Cross our debt to pay… From the Cross to the Grave…From the grave to the sky…Lord I lift Your name on high… You are the Lord…You are the Lord… You gave me eyes to see… You are the Key that opens the door… You are the Owner of my soul… You love me, I cannot tell why… On Calvary tree, You suffered and died for me…You love me and I cannot tell why…’ There is a lifting… a burden that God did not place on you… The Holy Spirit lifts it now… We reject the evil spirit of depression, backsliding, religion and false prophets… Holy Spirit please come and do what no man can do… Fill us afresh…   Glory to the Father…glory to the Son… glory to the Holy Ghost!


The Word was from 2 Kings 5. It was the sad story of Gehazi, the servant and prophet in training of Elisha. His name means ‘The Valley of vision’. But he was spiritually blind and a greedy man. He was blind to the grace working in his master. Elisha healed Namaan and refused to take the money he offered. You can’t buy grace! You cannot buy divine healing! You cannot buy salvation! But Gehazi saw it as a lost opportunity to become ‘rich thru ministry’. Elisha sent Namaan away ‘in peace’. Healing is peace. Grace and peace are ‘twin sisters’. Gehazi runs after Namaan and greets him with the same word: ‘shalom’ (It is well!). Gehazi takes God’s name in vain!!! He lies to Namaan that Elisha is in need of money. He spoils the reputation of the prophet. He pays for this with his health. He loses his ministry, his health and the health of his children. (See the responsibility we have as parents!!!). The leprosy Namaan left behind is placed on Gehazi and his descendants. What a turning of the tables… The sick man is healed and the healthy man takes that sickness. Grace is free… God is sovereign in His dealing with men. God has no chancellor and no judge. God is no respecter of persons! He is the judge.


We repented from any connection with the evil spirit of Gehazi: loving money, greed, rebellion, giving and taking of bribes. Greed kills grace. Covetousness hinders the miracle you pray for! The same Gehazi is seen later working for the King of Israel (2Kg 8:1-6).  The prophet in training is now a politician… (Who knows how many of our politicians could have been in ministry but their spirits have been poisoned by demonic bribes? Lord God have mercy…)


“Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the innocent” (Ex 23:8). I shared a personal testimony with the congregation. More than ten years ago, a married man with children who was attending our church at that time came to me with a big envelope. He said that he wants to bless me with ‘a substantial amount of money’. He said that I have been a blessing to him especially thru the prophetic Saturday class. He looked humble and friendly.  I suddenly felt that something was not right…I could not explain… I then decided to ‘test the spirits’ (1Jn 4:1). I told him to give that gift to my husband who is the senior pastor of the church. He said ‘no’. He was insisting that I should take the gift. I started feeling even more uncomfortable in the spirit. I then told him to put the envelope in the offering box. He said ‘no’ that this gift is for me. I then said to him: ‘If you cannot give this gift to my husband or to my God, I cannot take it’. He put the envelope back into his briefcase and he left unhappily. Not long after that he and his family left the church. Since then I met people who have been spiritually wounded by the bribes of this man. He looked very ‘nice’ but he was clearly an agent of the devil to pollute Christians with bribes. I thank God for the restraining wisdom of the Holy Spirit. This is warning to all Christians in general and to pastors in particular! The devil works thru deception. Be careful especially when you pray for financial breakthrough. You need money. But not all money is good! Not every ‘envelope’ is from God! Not every gift comes without sorrow! Pray about the money offered to you as ‘gifts’. The Holy Spirit will tell you when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’! Your soul, your ministry, your marriage, your anointing, your vision that God gave to you is NOT for sale! May the Holy Spirit awake you from slumber and strengthen you to continue the race!  Jesus is Lord!

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