This is what God says: “None will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span” (Ex 23:26)
There is a couple I know personally who are married for about 5 years. Both of them are committed Christians. They have no children yet. They are not wealthy enough to go and do tests or to take treatments for infertility. Knowing this, I did not waste any time directing them to a hospital. I told the wife to trust God 100% and to serve God the best way she can! She obeyed! From the little salary she receives, each month she buys eggs, sliced bread and fruits for us. I am a witness that she has faith to be a mother! This evening she sent me a note saying that she is finally pregnant. I use her as a point of contact for other married women who trust God for the fruit of the womb. For nothing is impossible for God to do!
“Happy new year Malia! I am so excited to write you this letter, since I got married I have never missed my period but in the month of December I did missed my period I actually thought it was a delay but I just kept trusting God that it will turn into a testimony so, today I decided to run a pregnancy test with the normal urine test strips and it showed “POSITIVE” Hahahahaahaha… I laugh because the LORD has won the battle.Your prayers for me has been answered so,I rejoice in the Lord!!! My horn is exalted in the Lord and my mouth is enlarged over my enemies. Praises to the KING of kings and I also want to thank you ma for all your prayers for me and all the encouragements!!! Thanks Mum and God bless you richly and expand your ministry Ma’ To God be the glory!!!!”

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