“All the king’s servants and the people of the king’s provinces know that any man or woman who goes into the inner court to the king, who has not been called, he has but one law: put all to death, except the one to whom the king holds out the golden scepter, that he may live. Yet I myself have not been called to go in to the king these thirty days” (Est 4:11)
Mordecai tells Esther that in the absence of God’s miracle, their people will die. The wicked Haman has convinced the king to sign a law by which all the Jews in Persia should be killed. Queen Esther is the only one who can do something to save God’s people. But there are many difficulties. Esther tells Mordecai that no man or woman can go to see the king uninvited. She can die for such an act. But if the king holds the golden scepter of mercy towards her, then she will live. There is also another problem: the king has not called her to his private chambers for thirty days. Esther, like any wife, is not sure if the king’s love towards her has cooled down. Haman must have tried his best to make the king forget the love he had for his beloved queen. There is also a possibility that the king is too busy with the affairs of the state or planning a war. A busy man easily forgets his wife. The window of successful intercession is very small. Esther has to decide fast. This is an emergency. She decides to fast and pray with her maids. She asks that all the Jews do the same. It is a critical moment of life and death. Then she will go and see the king, uninvited by man but accompanied by the Spirit of God. You know the story. By the grace of God, Esther succeeds in her mission. The evil man Haman is killed and the Jews are saved, to the glory of God.
My husband and I are married for almost 44 years. We married as unbelievers. Then we became saved. We left our medical profession to start a church. We are now in full time ministry. Over the years, as a wife, I had to learn the spiritual protocol of marriage. There was a time my husband was very involved in national politics in Nigeria. It was a lonely difficult time for us, especially for me. We give God all the glory for sustain us and our marriage. Personally, I have learned many great lessons from Queen Esther. For example, there were times when I had to go and see my husband for urgent matters. I learned never to go in ‘flesh’ to meet with him. He hates to see me panicking, crying or complaining like an ‘ordinary woman’. As an unbeliever I failed this test many times. But after I became born again and filled with God’s Spirit, I learned to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. No matter the situation, before I go to meet with him, I remember to stop everything, breath in and out, take a minute of silence and pray to God. God is my first Helper, Savior, Counsellor and Friend!
In times like these English or Romanian is wasting of time. I usually pray in tongues. I pray that the Holy Spirit goes before me to touch my husband and open a way for me. I never take it for granted that I can burst in his office just because I am his wife. I need the grace of God always! I pray that when he sees me, he will not see a foolish confused woman, but a true woman of God. I pray that I obtain favor with him even as I speak. I pray that the Holy Spirit gives me the right words, spoken in the right way and in the right tone. I pray that my body language shows faith in God and if need be, the courage to fight spiritual warfare. I pray that, no matter the challenge, God will help us maintain the unity of the Spirit. I pray that our marriage survives the attacks and extra burdens of so many needy people. I usually bind the evil spirits of fear, confusion, impatience, division, anger, emotional manipulation and foolishness. They shall not speak. They shall not have any room to manifest between the two of us. I pray for the unity of the Spirit; that both of us see things in the same way! I pray that the peace of God reigns in our hearts and marriage. I pray that Christ is glorified in the midst of this problem. I pray that the test will become a new testimony. All these requests are ‘translated’ in tongues. I pray in the Spirit as I walk towards my husband. Then I knock at his door. I open it. I enter… We speak calmly. We pray aloud. We agree on the strategy. We are one with God and with one another! The enemy is clearly defeated. The matter is solved in minutes. What seems impossible, after talking and praying together, it now seems so easy, so simple… God is always faithful. Jesus is Lord! We rejoice together! We smile… We laugh… The marriage is becoming stronger. The worship continues…
I hope that the Holy Spirit reveals to you my heart. I love God and I love my husband. I pray that the singles will marry; that they will not be discouraged to marry seeing so many broken relationships around. I pray that your marriages are fruitful and they will increase in love, wisdom and faith. I pray that you do not draw back in case of difficulties. I pray that after you have done all, you stand in the glory of the Son! Come back with testimonies! I wish you well!
Tali and I 9

2 comments on “UN-INVITED YET I LIVE

  1. What a handsome couple you are! And I, too, pray before discussing truly important decisions with my husband! I love that you do that as well! God bless you greatly, my wonderful friend! ❤

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