“Joseph—who was sold as a slave…

They hurt his feet with fetters,

He was laid in irons.

Until the time that his word came to pass,

The word of the Lord tested him” (Ps 105:17-19)


The Saturday night prayer meeting was very good. The Holy Spirit helped us to do warfare in preparation for worship. In the name of Jesus we totally rejected all evil spirits that hindered our worship of God. We had to make a choice: do we seek God tonight or not! In the unity of the Spirit we chose to seek God, His presence and His Word! Therefore we rejected every contrary spirit of religion, double mindedness, doubt, control, lust, fear of the future, bareness, poison, depression… In the Name of Jesus! At the name of Jesus Christ every knee must bow! At last, we welcomed the Holy Spirit with thanksgiving in our hearts and lips. We sang a new song of love to the Lover of our souls. The atmosphere changed and gently, we were ushered into the Most Holy Place. Glory!


Prophetically, we are in a season called ‘Shalom’. In Hebrew, this word means peace, health and wealth, friends and favor with God and man. In 2018 we shall experience all these spiritual blessings in a higher level! To the glory to God! The Word was taken from Isaiah 55: 8-12 and Psalm 105:16-19. God’s Word is not like an ordinary word. It is not just a sound or a letter. It is eternal life and it comes with overwhelming power to change hearts and circumstances! The rain and the snow water the earth and produce vegetation. In the same way, the Word of God read or preached under the anointing of the Holy Spirit produces spiritual ‘vegetation’, better said ‘fruitful eternal life’ in our spirits. You cannot hear the Word of God and remain the same! You must change! And change radically!


We began to study the life of Joseph. He was the favorite of his father. When Joseph was just 17 years old Jacob made a beautiful coat of many colors and gave it to him. This coat is a prophetic sign. It tells everybody that Joseph is the ‘heir to the throne’, the future leader and the savior of the family. It is a royal coat telling people that Joseph is a prince and he will not do manual labor. He will sit on ‘the throne’ and others will work for him.  As Joseph started dressing with that beautiful royal coat. God gave Joseph two dreams. In them, Joseph is seen as the head of the family and all others will bow to him. By these dreams, God confirms Jacob’s choice of leadership among his sons. These dreams look childish. The name of God does not appear in Genesis 37. But God speaks to the family and to the nation thru these ‘secular’ dreams. Therefore the dreams are the Word of God. His brothers are very jealous and want to kill Joseph. They hate him because of his coat (leadership, promotion), because their father loves him more than them (God’s sovereign choice), because of his words and his dreams (the Word of God). By hating Joseph, they hate the Word of God. By killing Joseph they want to kill the Word of God (who is Jesus Christ, our Lord). But nobody can kill the Word of God! Even if you kill it, the Word of God shall resurrect! And judge the sinners! The two dreams will be fulfilled later. In between the receiving of the dreams and the fulfillment of the dreams, Joseph must pass thru painful trials of rejection, manual labor, slavery and prison. But nothing can stop the Word of God from manifesting. At last, the Word of God spoken by him proved him to be true and not a liar!


Application: think of your life! Remember when God spoke to you thru the Bible, thru the Holy Spirit or thru prophetic utterances. Since then you have not seen any manifestation of that Word you have received. But be encouraged! God who gave you the Word many years ago, watches over that same Word to perform it! Your prison of circumstances, your trial and pains are only temporary. Like the rain comes down from heaven and produces vegetation on earth, so that Word shall be fulfilled in your life! It cannot go back to God ‘void of power’ but it shall perform the pleasure of God in your life! God is faithful! God’s Word can never fail! For example…Were you happy on your wedding day? You and your spouse now quarrel and have misunderstandings? They shall pass away! Your marriage will be happy at last! When your baby was born, did you rejoice or did you weep? If you rejoiced, then no matter the sickness and troubles that may come your child’s way, your child will be a blessing to you at last! Did God say that you are healed! Then the sickness cannot talk where God talks! Has God said that you shall buy a land and build a house? Even if all the cement sellers in Nigeria go on strike, you shall be a landlord (landlady). This is the Word of God! It can never fail! Give praise to God for He alone will do it!

coat of many colors

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