“Isaac asked, “How did you find it so quickly, my son?”
“The LORD your God put it in my path!” Jacob replied.
“Because the LORD your God granted me success.”
“Because the LORD your God caused it to happen to me.”
“And he said, because the LORD thy God brought it to me”
“Because the LORD your God worked it out for me.
“Because your God cleared the way for me.”(Gen 27:20)
Please pay attention! The devil has slowed you down. You feel sleepy, heavy, confused, worried and over-concerned with the things of this world. By now, you were supposed to finish your exams and your projects. By now, you were supposed to collect the gains. By now, the harvest was to be inside your store. By now you were supposed to be married. By now you were supposed to have children…
The devil placed strange iron weights on your back…he has locked heavy chains on your ankles. And you accepted it? You want to tolerate this bondage? Don’t you see? This sickness is not your own. This depression is not your own. This failure is not your own. This poverty is not your own. Why carry another man’s load for free? Why do you tolerate sin and evil around you? Why do you keep quiet when you can pray? Why eat when you can fast and see results? Why weep when you can worship God?
Child of God! I decree today that you are strong and courageous! I decree today that the Holy Spirit will give you the push to go ahead and find your blessing QUICKLY! Receive your healing, your breakthrough! QUICKLY! I decree today that God will grant you SUCCESS! QUICKLY! God will cause the miracle to happen! QUICKLY! You shall marry! You shall have children! That work, that job, that business is yours! God will bring you peace and joy! QUICKLY! God will work all things in your life for His glory! QUICKLY! Your testimony will be shared with others!

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