“You alone work miracles and You have let nations see Your mighty power” (Ps 77:14)

The Saturday evening prophetic prayer meeting was very good. At the beginning of the meeting I could see that some of the brethren look sad, tired, discouraged and distracted. Others seem ready to enter the Holy of holies. This created a division in the Spirit realm. As much as I wanted to go ahead with those who were ready, I could not ignore the weak ones who were trailing behind. We were singing songs of worship trying to cover up the weaknesses. Led by the Holy Spirit, I stopped the meeting.   I thanked everybody who came to church this evening. I told them that they have already paid the price to have an encounter with the Living God. It is not easy to live your house and come to church on Saturday evening, to join a prayer meeting when tomorrow there is ‘church’ again. I told them that they have done well. We clapped for ourselves. I also said that all things should be done well, to give glory to God. We must please God this evening! It is not enough to arrive before the veil, and then fall asleep there, when we can push a little more in faith and enter in. I told them that the hindrance to true worship is spiritual. There are evil spirits attacking their minds so that, just before the finishing line of anointing, they draw back.


I told them to choose between worrying about the cares of this word and worshipping God; between religious duty and pleasing the Holy Spirit. Everybody chose to worship God. The unity of the Spirit is always very important to create the way for the glory to come. We did warfare against the evil spirits that hindered us (doubt, fear, religion, worrying about the future…).


We started praying one for another. Suddenly, the electric power (NEPA) went off.  We continued to pray in darkness and heat for about 5-6 minutes. To my surprise, nobody stopped praying. In fact, the prayers intensified, rising up as the incense of the evening sacrifice. In could not encourage them for my microphone was not working. Everybody sensed that this darkness is not ‘normal’. We prayed in the Spirit on and on. Then the power was restored. The light came back. Together with the light, the Holy Spirit came on us as a refreshing. We sang again and again: “Jesus, You are the God of miracles… You are God, from beginning to the end, there’s no place for argument, You are God all by Yourself… You are the God of miracles…Thank You Father, Thank You Son, Thank You Holy Ghost!”


You can learn more about the Holy Spirit when you stay one minute in this anointing than a whole year in Bible school (I have nothing against Bible schools). The Holy Spirit owes no man. He does not need your money. But He needs your faith to work with. The Holy Spirit came on us with fire and joy. There is no way to describe these wonderful things. I pray that you draw closer to God so that He draws closer to you. In this romantic holy dance between your soul and the Holy Spirit, you must be the seeker, you must initiate the move, you must ‘provoke’ God to touch you. ‘Touch me one more time Oh, Lord, Touch me one more time Oh, Lord, I need a touch from the Master, I need a touch from You Lord, Touch me one more time, Oh, Lord!’ This is not a meeting of some millionaires or politicians. This is not a gathering of the rich and famous. There was no video camera. There is no breaking news on the TV. This is family meeting between the humble and faithful believers and their God.  Jesus is Lord indeed! This glorious meeting happened, not in Hollywood, not in America or Canada, but in Effurun, Nigeria. For any place where God’s children come together to worship their Father, He comes and stays with them. May the overflow of such goodness touch you today! To God alone be all the glory!

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