Holy Spirit we need You… Without You we are lost… Come Holy Spirit, in Your fullness and power, come in Your own special way…Jesus said: “I am the Resurrection and the Life” … Resurrection is a Person, Resurrection is God’s glory manifested on earth…God’s sovereign power at work… The grave could not hold my Jesus captive… His Body did not see corruption…Jesus did not smell in that grave…He was raised by the glory of the Father… Life eternal has spoken!
Oh, Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup… You maintain my lot… The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places…Yes, I have a good inheritance… Therefore my soul rejoices and my body rests in hope…I wept for You at the Cross…I thought that I will weep forever… But on the third day the story changed… You lifted me up… You wiped away my tears… Death was defeated and disgraced… You are risen… You are in heaven now…I shall rejoice with You forever now…
Children of God, be filled with the Holy Spirit…The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, works actively in you now… Give God all the glory…If you are healthy, do not give the doctor glory… Give God all the glory… If today you are nicely dressed, do not give the tailor the glory…Give God all the glory…On behalf of your family and friends… Give God the glory! For every good thing people see in you… Give God alone all the glory! Jesus Christ died for you…Because He lives you shall live also…This is holy eternal promotion… No man, no devil can stop it… What a love story! What a Savior! Squeeze the last drop of glory and praise you find in your soul and lift it up to God this morning, as an offering of love… For He alone is worthy of our praise! Jesus is alive! Jesus is Lord! Worship the Lamb upon the Throne! Glory! Glory! Glory!
SLL 31

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