“I was sound asleep, but in my dreams I was wide awake. Oh, listen! It’s the sound of my Lover knocking, calling…!” (SS 5:2; TM)

 “Beloved… I see that you are tired and have fallen asleep… now it is time to wake up and talk… you have tried to please men…. to impress all men… you have helped all the people around you… you have feared them , prayed for them, worked for them, served them day and night…

Now it is time to serve Me, your God, your Faithful Eternal Lover! Remember the prayer you prayed to Me long ago, when still a youth… when dreams were real and sweet romance was possible… remember the passion you had for Me, before the cold blanket of this world dampened your spirit… before mistakes brought shame and guilt poisoned your soul… remember the dreams we shared together… when the seeds of undying hope were planted in your tender heart… remember your prayers before the tears came, trying to wash away what was left of pure joy… remember the glimpse of glory before the storm destroyed our poems and our books got burned in the fire…  remember what I showed you on top of the mountain of frankincense, when we were alone, and no one applauded the show, for there was no show…

Know this: when you are awake and even in your sleep, I am still God, your God… All power belongs to me… My love for you can never fail… My passion for you can never fade… I am able to make old things new again… I have the power to change all things just because… My love is ready to surprise you…

I am knocking My Darling… Listen to the sound of My coming back…Feel my excitement as I am waiting outside your door…I wait for you to open it… My dreams, your dreams, our dreams can never die… and even if they died, they shall manifest from now on… Just believe that I am He… It is Me, your Life, your Lover and your Lord… The angels are getting impatient already… Let the music begin…Come out My Beloved… It is time!”


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