We bind the evil spirits that hinders worship! Holy Spirit please come, and help us conduct this service… We cannot sing, dance, pray or preach without You… I am hungry to worship God… I am hungry for a mighty move of God… Jesus said: Simon, I came to your house but you did not embrace me, you did not kiss me…But do you see this woman? From the time she entered this room, she washed my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair…she kissed My feet… She worships Me… She did not come to meet with Peter or John… She came for Jesus only… Oh, the Holy Spirit wants to fill you more than you want to be filled yourselves…
Peter said: Master, we have worked the whole night but we caught nothing…there is no fish in our nets… we are tired, disappointed and hungry… Jesus said: Peter, go back to the same water, but this time throw your nets into the deep… the fishes have left the usual place of shallow waters… they have gone down, into the deep sea… The place of mystery, where treasures are deposited by the Holy Spirit… no man knows the place and no man can steal your blessings…Throw your nets there and you shall have more fish that you can eat… There shall be overflow… I throw my net into the deep… as Jesus has said… My net disappears in the ocean of God’s grace… Now I see many fishes coming in… these are the answers to my prayers of long ago… the net is now heavy… my blessings are many…my muscles pain me… but it is a good pain for I draw the answers to my prayers… I come to draw, draw, draw from You again… Oh… Oh…
SLL 36

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