“He has sent Me to bind up the brokenhearted…” (Ps 61:1)
Are you willing to help one with a broken heart?
In my experience as a wife, mother, grandmother, (retired) doctor and (practicing) pastor, people hate breaking things, even hearts. They fear a broken heart like it has a virus. The only ‘nurse’ able to handle a broken heart is the one whose heart was also broken in the past but now it is repaired (not by men, but by the Lord Jesus Christ). Like with fractures, once healed, the bone is stronger than before.

It is the same with hearts. You cannot fix a broken heart thru an intermediary or thru phone. It is very difficult but not impossible. You must be ready to carry that ‘patient’ on your back. You must pray him back to wholeness against his will. You must feel the weight of his broken heart, sick, scratchy, dangerous, depressed, ungrateful…Few are willing to enter another’s pain… It takes courage and skill … the reward is not guaranteed while of earth… but “rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven…” (Mt 5:12)

(In the picture, a dear friend who attends our church, an intercessor, a woman of God, a leader in the ministry of helps…)


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