“Ho! Everyone who thirsts,
Come to the waters;
And you who have no money,
Come, buy and eat.
Yes, come, buy wine and milk
Without money and without price” (Is 55:1)

The Saturday evening prayer meeting was wonderful. The people gathered quietly to offer the sacrifice of praise. They were quiet outwardly but I could hear the internal boiling of expectations. We prayed telling God that we are waiting for Him to come and bless us with His Person. We worshipped with songs. We sang: ‘we do not want to lose our wonder… the wonder to be like a child’… the freshness of our first love… the newness of life… that crispy grace… Mercy was dished out. Mercy is eternal but not old; it is new every morning… We want to regain the wonder of innocence… to open our eyes, mystified… To see the King in His beauty…to bow and not be worried about the dirty floor…to be like a child, amazed, with mouth open, forgetting to close it, to look respectable, to please the big people… tonight we lost our reputations but we gain confidence that God has heard our prayers… Godliness is gain… Wonderful Jesus! This wonder of holiness scares some, divides others… But we love it! We want more is it…

Anyway, we are too thirsty to care about what the serious people say; their dry-cleaned clothes are too starched and their knees too stiff to allow them to bow… But we take advantage of the move of the Spirit and we follow the lead… Become a child again! We sensed the excitement of the Holy Spirit surrounding us with a song…If God sings you cannot sleep; you must dance… we danced and danced… jumped and jumped… we feel the scent of living water… there is a water-fall of grace close by… I am hearing it! Grace is noisy and heavy…Praise is fearful! The enemies are scared… This overflow of blessings cannot be stopped… but the flesh must die, the spirit must rise…Suddenly, we feel light…there is no more fear, no more shame… we dance for Jesus… we dance with Jesus… with eyes closed we see… We are sweating in the room because of the broken AC… But who cares? We feel refreshed by the breeze of heaven… Jesus you are Yeshua… we sing… and we believe… To God be the glory, to God be the glory, for the things He has done… King Jesus is here, right now, you don’t need to fear, you don’t need to hide, For He is passing out gifts, for all who believe, He is here right now, to meet every need… And I will praise, praise, praise… And I will praise Your name…

We experienced open heavens over us… Free to worship… God has received our prayers… the petitions were sealed be angels and ready for the coming answers… We saw the future… it is so good… by faith, we wrote invitations to all around, that they should come and celebrate what God has done… many invitations for thanksgiving feasts have been sent … this city will shake with the excitement of miracles… nothing is impossible for our God… JESUSSSSS… sickness is gone! Depression is gone! The disgrace has been disgraced! The devil had big plans to scatter our prayer meeting tonight, but he failed… See how bad he failed… Don’t be sorry for the devil! He is a liar and a loser! The devil has no friend and no intercessor! We laughed and rejoiced at the victory granted from above! The children of God in Warri- Effurun are jealous for God’s testimony! Victory! Blessings! Answered prayers! We laugh: Hahaha… The unity of the Spirit in our midst was established and the oil of joy was pouring down, soaking us with joyful faith… in the past, the devil succeeded to intimidate us but this evening he failed and ran away… Halleluiah! I invite you to see what the Lord has done! He has destroyed the works of satan! He has given us the victory! That is why we sing! Receive your Invitation! Come and eat and drink! Come and buy beauty without money… faith works… the devil missed it this time! You should never attack a child of God! Heaven forbids it! Jesus loves the little children! ‘Let the children come to Me’- says the Lord… We came and we touched His hands… He is real and He is good… Jesus You love me too much-ooo… Download Holy… I have to stop now for my English is too poor to tell it all… Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Glory!

“For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost” (Rom 14:17)

FH 13

Worship 3

surprised child

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