“By faith Abraham OBEYED when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going…By faith Sarah herself also RECEIVED STRENGTH TO CONCEIVE SEED and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised… By faith Abraham, when he was tested, OFFERED UP ISAAC, and he who had received the promises offered up his only begotten son… concluding that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead” (Heb 11:8, 11, 17, 19)

Faith is a great subject. It should interest all believers, young or old. Many people have needs. Many pray for miracles. Not many boast of a good testimony. Faith is the key the opens the door of miracles and the cup that holds the God’s grace. Child of God, God does not need your money, but He surely expects that you exercise faith in Him, as God. He will reward you if you believe! What does faith look like?
*Faith obediently follows the call of God no matter where He leads…
*Faith expects and receives strength for a miracle, even in the face of the greatest obstacles
*Faith is willing to give back to God that which is the dearest; expecting that God will reward the sacrifice of faith

The story of Abraham, the man of faith is always an inspiration. Abraham and Sarah’s testimony is wonderful. How can we describe faith? ‘Abraham obeyed God’. This means that he left his family and friends following God. He traveled many miles and settled in the Promise Land. When did his faith start? With the first step! He traveled on foot or on camels. He had no map or GPS. He lived as a temporary citizen and not as a permanent citizen. Faith is obedient following! For Abraham faith means tents and not big buildings. His eyes were on the eternal and not on the temporary. May you answer the call of God and follow wherever He leads you! In Jesus’ name!

Faith is consistent in expecting a miracle. Faith believes that the promised things in the future are real in the present. Abraham and Sarah trusted God in their hearts for the miracle child. But there are dangers to faith: fear, doubt and impatience (these produced Ishmael). You need to fight to protect your faith. Be jealous for the faith blooming in the desert of your soul. It is worth more than silver of gold! Sarah received strength to receive seed. This is how Isaac, their promised son, was conceived and born. Faith is a family thing. May it be so in your family, in Jesus’ name!

Finally, God tries Abraham’s faith. By faith he offers Isaac of the altar. God gave him Isaac. Now God demands Isaac. God demands back the answer to the promise. This time, without any grumbling, doubt or fear, Abraham obeyed God. He places Isaac on the altar. He raises the knife… But God intervenes and provides the replacement. Abraham believed in the resurrection. This is faith! He has never seen a resurrection before. But faith believes in God even when it does not see or cannot imagine the solution to the problem. When he was waiting for Isaac to be conceived, Abraham was afraid and impatient. But now, as an old man, in giving, there is no fear! Only faith! You give God the best you have, and God will give you the best He has! This is faith! This is worship! May you give God your heart, and He will give you more than you can imagine! In Jesus name, amen!

This is a good story that describes faith. A Christian man was lost in the desert. He was dying of thirst. He prayed and the Holy Spirit directed him to an old house. In front of that house, there was a rusty water pump. He tried to pump it but no water came. He went inside the house and he saw a jug filled with water. He was happy and quickly, he wanted to drink it. Then he saw that on the jug, there was a note, saying: ‘Don’t drink it! Use this water to prime the pump. Water shall come thru the pump. Then fill the jug again before you leave for the benefit of the next traveler’. He was tempted to drink the water in the jug. But he resisted the natural urge. He obeyed the instructions. He poured the water in the pump, to prime it. Then he pumped again and again but nothing happened. The devil tempted him saying: ‘you could have drunk the water in the jug. You have wasted it. You will now die of thirst…’ He rejected the evil voice and continued pumping…Suddenly, fresh, clean water gushed in the desert!!!! This was the water of life that saved him. At last, leaving the old house, he obeyed the instructions and filled the old jug for the benefit of the next traveler. That traveler may be you or me… This is what faith looks like… This is the story of faith!

SLL 48

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