‘Deep calls unto deep
In the roar of Your waterfalls
All Your waves and breakers
Have swept over me.
By day, the Lord directs His love
At night, His song is with me;
A prayer to the God of my life’
(Ps 42:7,8)

Since I became a Christian and I read these words in the Bible: ‘Deep calls into deep…’ I always imagine the great Niagara Falls. Yesterday my husband and I had the privilege to see this mighty waterfall with our eyes. The sound of the waterfall covers all other little voices. Just to see and hear this beautiful fall I am reminded that God is indeed great!

This is some info I gathered about it. Six million of cubic feet of water fall over the edge every minute. You hear the sound from far away. Millions of people travel long distances just to watch this natural wonder. This land belonged to the Native Indians. The word ‘Niagara’ in their language means ‘the neck’. The way they saw it is that this waterfall is the narrow but vital connection between this Body of land and God, who is the Head above all. It is easy to see why they connected this waterfall with God who created it. It is indeed mighty and beautiful. Some time ago men decided to harness its power by building an electrical dam up the river. Because of that the flow of the waterfall reduced to a trickle. But men who love God and nature fought against it and after a long battle they won. The dams where minimized so that Niagara Falls will display once more its might and beauty in all of its fullness. It is illegal to jump over Niagara Gall. Some reckless men called ‘daredevils’, from time to time, run over the obstacles and jump over the water fall. Very few survive. Many die trying to prove they are bold. But the truth is that only a fool will try to tame this force of nature.

To me, this is a great spiritual lesson. Men should never ‘use’ the free anointing of the Holy Spirit for their own benefit. The Holy Spirit should move freely and should manifest His power in His church. It is a pity that many congregations have ‘drained’ the flow of the anointing by ‘over using it’ for men’s benefit. To satisfy men’s fleshly needs, they grieved the Holy Spirit. That is why the ministry of praise and worship in many Churches is now just a trickle. It is dangerous to oppose the anointing of the Holy Spirit! Fear God!

As God created the mighty Niagara Falls, so He desires to receive all of our love from our hearts, in a worship that is full and free. God The Father seeks worshippers who should worship Him in Spirit and in truth. God’s best stirs our best. His deep desires ignites the deepest longing in us. Let us leave the superficial shores of mediocrity, of church entertainment and superficial manipulated religion displayed for the greedy fame of men. Let us dig deep into the mystery of the Cross, to see our Savior hanging there, between heaven and earth, where His heart was broken for the sins of men, when His Blood poured out to forgive, to cleanse and to renew lives.

Like Niagara Falls, the Cross is ‘the neck’ connecting heaven and earth. Like Niagara Falls, the grace of God flows freely and is never failing. In the night, God directs His love towards His children. God’s song is with me. Like the steam rising and surrounding the Niagara Falls my prayers shall go up to God. His answers will come down in a awesome overflow! Like Niagara Falls, the Holy Spirit released at Pentecost has flooded the earth and our hearts forever. May our worship go deeper and higher like never before!

As for me, I bow this evening before God once more. My deep calls unto His deep… ‘May we never lose our wonder’… My heart can never be idle… I can never be tired to worship my God… the worship must continue! In Jesus’ name!



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