The handsome royal son of David called Absalom was a murderer. He killed his brother for raping their sister. He went into exile for three years. He manipulated his way back to his father’s heart. He was also an over ambitious young man. Back to Jerusalem, the city of peace, he positioned himself as a man who can provide justice to all who feel neglected and cheated. All who feel that they cannot find justice from God but they need a man to judge their case came to Abslaom. He promised them a great future but at last, it proved to be only false hopes. He was a prince – politician. He pretended to be humble. He spoke softly. He provided himself with chariots and men to follow him. His entourage looked impressive. This was designed so that men can easily imagine him to be the supreme ruler in Isreal. He told everybody: ‘Oh, if only I were appointed judge in the land!’. Little by little he ‘stole the hearts of the men of Israel’ (2 Sam 15:13). He also convinced David’s counsellor to betray his king and master and to come to his side. “Someone told David: “Ahithophel, your counsellor, is among the conspirators with Absalom.” And David said, “O Lord, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!” (2Sam 15:31).

King David ran away from the palace, weeping and barefoot, ‘to give chance’ to his son to be king, if that was the will of God. But it was not! Absalom’s pride and inordinate ambition blinded him to danger. He became foolishly bold. He entered battles he should not have fought. He understimaed his ‘old’ father, who still had the heart of a lion. He lost the battle against the king and started running on a donkey to save his life. His beautiful hair that all men admired hooked him on the branches of a large old oak tree. The murderer of his brother, the thief of men’s hearts, the adulterer and the betrayer of King David, found his end hanging on a tree.

What a tragic end to a young man who had everything to give him a great future! Absalom of old is dead. But his spirit is still doing damage in the churches. If you have been influenced by this evil spirit you need to pray. You may need deliverance. Touch your chest and see if your heart is still there. For the spirit of Abslaom steals emotions. You may discover that even if you desire to love somebody you will not be able to do it. This is not normal! It is a spiritual ‘heart attack’. That is why many marriages are loveless and many relationships are spiritually dry. May his short and sad life be a warning to all who desire to manipulate God’s presence for their selfish ends!

Let’s pray: ‘Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that if in any way my spirit and my emotions have been damaged or polluted by the evil spirit of Absalom, You heal my heart and deliver my soul. I command the evil spirits of Absalom, of pride, foolishness, manipulation, religion, selfish ambition, stealing, anger, bitterness, political adultery and untimely death to leave me and go away in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Taking the sword of the Spirit I destroy every emotional or spiritual connection I have made in the past with this wicked demon! In the name of Jesus! Holy Spirit please fill me afresh I pray! Father God I bow before You! I worship You! In Jesus name I pray! Amen!

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