‘May you live to enjoy your grandchildren’ (Ps 128:6)
My husband and I did not know how happy we can be in our older age as grandparents. God had indeed blessed us beyond imagination! We live and do God’s work in Nigeria. We appreciate so much the annual visits to re-bond with our family who lives far from us. These two pictures are a glimpse of joy revealed in the heart of a grandpa and his grandchildren. In the first picture, my husband lovingly holds our oldest grandson Alex who is now a student in the University of Houston reading mechanical engineering. As I was writing these words Alex sent message that he made a A+ in his very first exam! Praise the Lord! In the second picture my husband lovingly holds our youngest grandson (for now…) Oliver, who is 3. May our joy touch your hearts and become a harvest of thanksgiving to the glory of God!

Tali and Alex

Tali and Oliver Oakes

One comment on “HAPPY GRANDPA TALI

  1. More good looking grandchildren. I am rejoicing with you and your husband and I am happy for you and your family sweet sister Lei! ❤️

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