I just received a wonderful testimony from a young wife and mother. Since last year, she has been attending our church (Father’s House Bible Church, Effurun-Warri). Reading it, I sense the leading of the Holy Spirit helping this young couple. When the Holy Spirit shuts a door, He opens another. You can see that God blesses spiritually first, and materially second. God rewards genuine faith, humility and spiritual hunger. This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of others!

“Dear Malia,
I want to share my testimony with you Ma.Please bear with me Malia its a long write up.God has been so good to me and my family. In July last year my husband stopped attending church services and when i asked he told me he was no longer flowing with the way the message was being dished out and he doesn’t like the pattern of the service (we were members of …. Christian Church).

I felt bad every Sunday when I go alone to church. People that knew us in church will always ask after my husband. But I kept on praying and fasting about it, waiting patiently on God to help me touch his heart.

On the 3rd week of September 2017 I woke up to prepare for service and I was amazed to see that he was willing to attend church that day. We got set and left the house. I noticed he was taking another route driving a different direction from that of our church.i was quiet because I dint want him to change his mind but our daughter curiously asked him where we were going to. And then he said: ‘I am taking my girls to our new church… don’t worry girls you will like the idea…’ At this point I was still quiet and calm, praying and thanking God for the breakthrough in my mind and for God to have his way. I prayed: ‘let it be a church I could relate with…’ Few minutes later we got to Father’s House Bible Church.

He parked the car and while we were still inside he turned to me and said: ‘a few days ago I was driving when I heard the Pastor of this church preaching in the radio and it was an instant connect.I couldn’t stop or change the channel.The Pastor was deeply rooted and so straight to the point. Infact let’s go in so you can hear for yourself. I have never been here and nobody invited me here…’ I said ok!

Prior to this time I have heard about the church so many times and have been invited to come for Nativity and Jesus Mega Party by my friend of over 20 years, who is a member of your church.
But since my husband doesn’t like the idea of going from one church to another I have never honored any of the invitations.

I was so elevated in my spirit that day and I really liked and enjoyed the church service. I started the weekly foundation school classes and also midweek service. In a short while i learnt a lot and it felt like I was so new in Christianity. My faith was increasing and I found my place. (I will like to say at this time Malia that the presence of God is truly really in Fathers House Bible Church)

The first week of October came with a major temptation. I got a call from my husband who left the house few hours ago for work,saying he had an accident on the major expressway and the car somersaulted 3 times into the bush. Let’s thank God because he is fine and without any scar! IT WAS GOD!!! The next day I got 2 different calls from family members saying it’s because we changed church that’s why the accident happened. I just ignored them…

In December I had finished the classes and shared my testimony with my friend that my husband has never missed Sunday church and midweek service since we started attending the Church. And to me it feels like I have a brand new husband. He became deeply rooted in the word of God and in prayers. Our marital life became even sweeter. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!

In Jesus Mega Party 2017 I held my daughter by the hand and as we entered the field i prayed with faith that God will bless me with the fruit of the womb for the second time after 7 years.

In February 2018, Malia you declared in one of the services that God has answered prayers especially to the new comers. I BELIEVED THE PROPHETIC WORD! That same week I found out I was pregnant. After series of costly medical procedures that failed and after 7 years of waiting, GOD DID IT NATURALLY! First trimester I couldn’t move much. I missed going to church but I always hooked up online to our YouTube live services on Sundays,Wednesdays and all night services. God has kept me with a healthy pregnancy through the months. I am due to have a baby boy this month of October. I have faith everything will be fine! I will keep in touch!

Thank you so much Malia for your words of encouragement in church and on this social media platform.They go a long way in my life. I appreciate your continious prayers.GOD BLESS YOU MA….”

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