I was born in Romania. Over there, it is autumn now. Since 1980 I live in Nigeria (Africa). For all these years I did not experience ‘autumn’ here. I sometimes miss my Europe weather. I still remember the golden color of the leaves, the cooling of the air, the time of harvest, a romantic sadness and the preparation for winter. To me, memories are like poems. I tried to adjust to a place that has only two seasons: ‘Hot and dry’ and ‘Hot and wet’. But in my spirit I still follow the pattern instilled in my childhood. My spirit finds order in ‘the old things’, tested by time and captured by fading pictures. For me, this is reaping time, harvest time! Wherever you are, there must be a time to seat down and count your losses, your gains, and all the blessings that have come your way. “Thank You Abba Father, for everything!”
(In the picture, me visiting my home town, Orsova, Romania, last autumn. Behind me is the secondary school I attended where my parents were teachers too. Like the leaves at my feet, these are golden memories…)
SLL 54

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