“The voice of the Lord makes the hinds (the deer) bring forth their young; and His voice strips bare the forests; while in His Temple everyone is saying: GLORY!” (Ps 29: 9; AMP)
Listen to the Voice of Jehovah: Worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness! As you go on… you will discover a double miracle: fruitfulness and blessings on your side and bareness, failure and disgrace upon your enemies! That is the power of the same voice! The voice of Christ is ‘like the sound of many waters’ bringing rivers of life into the desert and flooding the hiding place of the wicked. The Shepherd of my soul has wiped all my tears and mingled them in the spring of the river of life. Over there, I shall see my face in the pure crystal water. I shall remember some drops of pain from the past; not much, just enough to always remain tender and grateful (Rev 1:15; 7:17; 22:1-3).
In Christ I declare:
The Lord speaks into my spirit! God’s voice breaks and multiplies my spirit into fruit beyond counting; like the stars, forever! For His glory alone! In Jesus’ name, Amen!
(From my Book The Doe of the Morning)
(I took this picture: two doves on top of our roof)
Esther's B 1

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