“Give us today our daily bread…” (Matt 6:11)
Bread is basic. Bread is food. Bread is life. There is natural bread and spiritual bread. We have to humble ourselves to pray for bread on the table. We can never graduate from the level of this request. This prayer is not for the homeless sleeping under the bridge. It is for us all. Jesus commands us to ask daily for the provision of food. Each time I see a slice of bread (white or brown, dry or soft) I should see a point of contact with heaven and a fresh reason to worship God, the Provider of all good things. Jesus did not say pray for cake or for salad. Just for bread! Do not pray for ‘my bread’ but for ‘our bread,’ enough to supply the needs of the family and for all who do not believe in prayer but want food to eat. God always gives more than we ask. He is the most generous Person.

If I eat bread without prayer and without gratefulness I am a thief. If the thief is caught, he is to pay seven times more; sometimes this may mean all his property in his house. The lesson is that without prayer for daily bread, without acknowledging God as your ‘Bread Winner’ you are in serious danger of sudden poverty (PV 6: 30, 31). Let us make a good habit to pray and never take food for granted. Especially the bread!!! The crumbs under the table healed a stranger’s daughter from an incurable disease! (Matt 15: 21-28). Bread of Life, I worship You!

In Christ I declare:
Jesus Christ is my ‘Bread Winner.’ I am grateful for the supply He gives me. I trust that I will be renewed in my spirit. I believe that even the dry bread will taste good in my mouth.
In Jesus’ name,


(In the picture, Nigerian bread; among the best in the world)

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