“Afterward the children of Israel shall return and seek the Lord their God and David their king. They shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the latter days” (Hos 3:5)
In these last days, the darkness is getting darker for the children of darkness! They suffering will increase. In the same time, the light shines brighter on the children of God!
God’s favor on you shall increase! It shall be evident with signs following! God will pour His ‘heavy duty’ Goodness upon you! You will seek God and you shall find Him! No more frustration! No more regrets! From this day on, you will worship God like David worshiped God! You will understand the authority of the Kingdom of God and you shall walk in it. The world behind you! The Cross before you! God’s joy is your strength! You will make decrees and God will confirm them for these are in line with His promises! You seat in the heavenly places with Christ! From on high, you shall look down and see your big problems becoming smaller and smaller. Until they disappear! The desert shall be replaced with the garden! Watch out for God’s goodness coming to you! There shall be no ‘mistake address’! This is the time for supernatural joy supplied to those who’ve suffered! There is a lifting for the oppressed! No man, no devil can stop it! God will ’embarrass you’ with His acts of Goodness. You will not be able to explain the goodness and the favor of God in your life. Because it will be too much for words. You shall testify to the Greater One who lives in you! The Hope of Glory is sealing your testimony! I am sorry for your enemies. They’ve lost the wicked battle against you! God is on your side and His victory is decreed! The goodness of God is pouring down on you, starting now…You will fear God! You will kneel down, prostrate and worship God! For there is nothing else to do… Excess love! Overflow Goodness! In Jesus;’ name! Thank You Abba Father! Glory to God!

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