“The LORD of Hosts has sworn: “As I have planned, so will it be; as I have purposed, so will it stand” (Is 14:24)
This is a wonderful testimony from a sister who started attending our church with her husband and children (Father’s House Bible Church) earlier this year. She received a prophetic word 9 years ago (in 2009) to go to a church called Father’s House. This is interesting because at that time we were still in the old building on Deco road. It means that God always wanted us to move to this present house. Of course, God knows the end from the beginning. I edited the testimony to protect the identity of some people and churches. This testimony is to the glory of God and for the encouragement of the brethren!
“Dear ma Leigh!!!!
Greetings to you, to my new father in the Lord (Tali) and to God almighty that love me beyond all measure!!!! For more than 9 years now, I disobeyed God or refuse to bid his will that was directly spoken to me. Not thru a prophet but to me directly in a dream. I have been attending ….. church for as long as I can remember. One day after a wonderful praise service,. Almighty God being my witness told me in a dream, “go to father house where women don’t suffer”. As at then, I was single and have never heard of father’s house. He gave me a picture of a wonderful auditorium with glass windows or walls and fully air conditioned in Enerhen Junction. Or may be enerhen road but I ignored…
I never even gave it a second tut until like 7 or more years down the line. I met one of your members that usual come for home service to make my hair. We’ve have been in that business relationship for a year or so before somehow she mentioned Father’s house in one of our conversation and immediately I remembered my dream and I describe the church I saw in my dream to her, she laughed and said that that is exactly the Church. Yet, I did not bulged. But for more than two or three years now the Holy Spirit has been pushing me to leave my church… because I was no longer growing. As if I was stocked. I was like a child that was not growing any more and was really, really frustrated. At first it was great, the church grew my faith and truly liberated me but I am tired of the prosperity and the things I shd and can gain on earth here. I want to make Heaven. I want to sleep even today and arrive home. I no longer care if I make 40, 50 or 100 years on earth. I just want to be sure if I sleep and don’t wake up, I will be home.
So three years or so later, which is early this year 2018, I was telling my kids lesson’s teacher that I am thinking of moving to …. church that my soul and spirit crave for more, crave for Holiness. Crave for fellowship. Not using God as a means to meet a need but really want God for God. She laughed and said “why don’t you try Father’s House?”. She said: ‘my church is ok, the bishop is a man of God but.. the politics down at the branches’ level is too much……. hmmmm!!!!. She also said that she too wants to go to Father’s House but she is worker in her church… and it is not easy to resign her position… Wow!!!!! Father’s house again??? This time from someone that is high there in that ….church?
The fear of God gripped my heart! So I came!!!! Mama!!!!! I came!!!! I came to my father’s house!!!! I came to just try and see but then the worship!!! The praise!!! For a place I have never being all my life, yet I felt at home. I wept like a baby in the service and have been reading my bible more than I have ever read it all my life. Bought Kenneth E Haggins books and anything to grow me. Revelations start coming. As in God will leave all He is doing. Leave the whole of His majesty and get to be a man on earth to pass messages to me!!!! To me!!!! Who is me????
Yes, there were times I had doubts, most especially, when Daddy will be talking about other churches and men of God who preach wrong doctrines. I will be vexed in my spirit bc I feel it is wrong. Not bc what they did or say may not be wrong but bc they are human and men of God and not God of men. They are prone to errors and their errors should not be magnified but we should draw from their strength. We are all body of Christ, different members and with each one of us, there are weaknesses. As I consider the truth, as I read the Word of God, I feel discouraged sometimes that I have wasted too much time with empty religion… But I pressed on, reminding Myself that it is not too late to be saved and praying to God that I am here to fulfill a prophecy.
And today, when I watched the script of the Biblical places you and daddy have visited and I begin to relate it with the Bible… for the first time the Bible become an history book of real people that live and died. My eyes are open to see that there is a Real Christ, real Holy Spirit and a real God and Father. The Rhema hits me!!!!. God is real!!! God is alive!!! I thank God!
Father’s House is an oasis in the desert for us. I experience revival like never before. The same thing with my husband and children…I am humbled… and grateful… For this I say thank you. I ain’t saying this to please you. Believe me I am not seeking for cheap favor. I am a bank manager, my husband a senior … staff. We have being worshiping with Father’s house since May this year. I have never approached you or daddy. I am well known by the … And other members. I only want to honor you in the presence of God! Spiritual fruit is evident now. I have never be more peaceful, I have never be more prayerful and have never had peace with my husband and my marriage as I have seen this year and I am so! So!! So!!!! Sure of his salvation bc if he keeps hearing what he is hearing, and worshipping and praising as he is now doing in my Father’s House he will be a mature man of God! Thank God the Word came to pass: I have really entered into ‘my Father’s House where women don’t suffer’.
Thank you and daddy for answering the call! God richly bless and affect your family just like Father’s House has impacted us in Christ name. Amen!”

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