“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:19)

Many years ago someone pointed out to me that this verse does not say that God will bless us ‘out of’ His riches of glory in Christ Jesus. It says that He will bless us ‘according to’ the riches of His glory in Christ. This is the meaning of the words ‘according to’: as stated, reported, or recorded by (someone or something); in a way that is based on (something); In proportion or relation to something! The words ‘in proportion’ mean this: According to a particular relationship in size, amount, or degree; In the correct or appropriate relation to the size, shape, or position of other things!

In other words, God will bless us in proportion to the riches of His glory and grace. Can you measure those riches? Heaven knows no lack! There is no unemployment in heaven! All angels and saints over there worship God ‘day and night’. They eat from Tree of Life and drink from the River of Life. In the presence of God there is total freedom and unspeakable joy! Your imagination is too small to dream about God’s riches of His glory!

In other words, God will answer your prayers in a way that will embarrass you. Grace is like a holy ‘tsunami’! God will provide for you in a way fit for a King! He will bestow His goodness upon you and meet all (not some) of your needs (present and future) in a way that will shock you! Jehovah Jireh is the God of more than enough! Do not limit God by your doubts, fears and your ‘poverty mentality’! God knows His job! Trust God! Take the good risk to trust God! Men may mock you for your faith in an invisible Almighty Caring God! But He will never allow you to be put to shame for your trust in Him! The more your enemies laugh at you, the more God will bless you! His overflow of grace and supply is your holy vindication! Child of God, give your Father a chance! This is the Word of God and not of man: God “will meet ALL your needs ACCORDING to the riches of his GLORY IN CHRIST JESUS!!! Shout Hallelujah!


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