“Let your foot seldom be in your neighbor’s house; lest he become tired of you and hate you” (Pv 25: 17, AMP)
God is jealous over you! There is a danger among Christians. They replace the comfort of the Holy Spirit with close relationships, even marriages. The foundation for this is the work of familiar spirits. A familiar spirit is a demon that uses friendships. Two or more persons become too personal, unduly intimate in sharing all secrets. This becomes the basis for their friendship. It may not be sexual; it could be just emotional ties. They know each other too well, from close association and exchange of ideas. To the world this sounds like the perfect relationship or marriage. But the Bible calls this human over-familiarity -witchcraft. In the Old Testament, such were punished with death (Lev 20:27). In Hebrew the word for wizard is ‘to know another.’ It is someone who knows too much about you, who can predict and manipulate your spirit. Never allow yourself to be known completely by an-other human being. Never replace the comfort of the Holy Spirit with human friendships! No person can be ‘god’ to you! Friendship with people who have Familiar spirits will affect you with strange sexual lust and anxious guilty conscience!
“‘Do not turn to spirits of the dead, and do not inquire of familiar spirits, to be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God..I’ll oppose and eliminate from contact with his people whoever consults mediums or familiar spirits, thereby committing spiritual prostitution with them” (Lev 19:31; 20:6)
In Christ I declare:
I will bring all my relationships to my Heavenly Father’s altar and lay them there. Lord, may the only ones that survive the fire of Your jealousy remain. I let go of all the rest. May all my relationships bring You glory, even in my marriage and friendships. I ask for forgiveness and cleansing for any ungodly relationships. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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