“You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Break camp and advance… go… see… Go in and take possession…” (Deut 1:6-8)
There is something called “frozen” will. Too much thinking, too many options, emotional overload, too many questions of ‘what to do next’ until your will becomes frozen and you can’t move on at all. You have to make a decision! See, you are exhausting the available time to act. The door of opportunity opens and closes and you are still there in front of it. A door is a sign to move on! Are you afraid to try, afraid of change, afraid to move on, or afraid of making mistakes? While waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment, you may lose the only moment you have! Be ready for a change! Be ready to see and possess something new. Just move forward the next time the door opens. You never know when, but it may be any time, thru the narrow way, straight into your destiny! As for me, I’ll see you over there…
In Christ I declare:
It is true: In the past, I have wasted too many opportunities to move ahead in my life! But no more wasting! By faith, the next opportunity God gives to me, the next door He opens for me, I shall go though it; body, soul and spirit! Help me God! No more regrets! No more delays! No more fears! No more doubts!
Watch people: the next thing you see of me shall be only my ‘break lights’ (A Nigerian slang meaning you see the back of the car, moving on). Today is the day God has made! I shall rejoice and I shall be glad in it! Oya! (Another Nigerian slang meaning ‘let’s go’!)
In Jesus’ name,

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