“So they come to you as people do, they sit before you as My people, and they hear your words, but they do not do them; for with their mouth they show much love, but their hearts pursue their own gain. Indeed you are to them as a very lovely song of one who has a pleasant voice and can play well on an instrument; for they hear your words, but they do not do them” (Ezekiel 33:31, 32)
Many people (I call them ‘spiritual artists’) like prophetic meetings and prophetic utterances. They like to feel the rush of emotions when the secrets of hearts are revealed, when darkness gives way to the light of God. They like the sound of prophetic words spoken aloud in a congregation. They quote the prophet’s words to others, they admire them, they say ‘wow,’ they imagine the background music compatible with the utterance for the season; they design T-Shirts and banners or dance to the tune of heavenly bells. But… here comes the sad part of the story; they just like the sound of the words but they do not take them seriously, they do not obey them! Is this possible? Absolutely! In fact, it is quite common.
God warned Ezekiel to be careful with people who pay the price for a visit, have the right greeting prepared at the door, the attached smile and hand-shake, and all the flattery ready… but they were not true friends at all! They were gossips and greedy for selfish gain. They came to visit the prophet to glean some ‘garage sale’ prophetic words, cheaply bought but with some little polishing and repackaging in order to make millions in their latest bestselling books.
God’s Word is not a luxury, it is not sugar icing on our emotions or chewing gum to keep us awake in the church. The Word of God is not for sale! The Word of God is life, it is salt, and light in the darkness and it is the greatest weapon given to men!
In Christ I declare:
I trust in God and I trust in His Prophets! Because of this, I am established spiritually! I shall experience victory and prosperity!
In Jesus’ name,

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