“You will surely recover everything that was taken from you!” (1Sam 30:8)

Yesterday during the Women’ Fellowship we praised, prayed and shared testimonies, to the Glory to God. We are fasting and praying during the month of January. We expect great things from God! We pray to grow spiritually, first of all. We also pray for blessings upon our marriages, husbands, children and the work of our hands. It is in line with the lessons taken from the Book of Ester.  This is a wonderful testimony given to the glory of God, to the shame of satan and for the encouragement of many! Sister R said that the Holy Spirit gave her a word for this year: “There shall be no loss!” She held to this promise by faith. She started the fast since the 1st of January. Two weeks ago something strange happened. She is a trader. She is selling dresses. She had a bag with some dresses, all new, with the tags attached. In the evening she stopped along the road to buy oranges to break her fast for the day. She took the bag with the dresses intending to put them in the boot (the trunk, US English) of the car. She paid for the oranges, entered her car and drove off. She did not know that she left the bag with the dresses on the ground, near the orange seller. In the evening, when she arrived home, she discovered that the bag was missing. She phoned some people if they’ve seen it. Nobody saw the bag. She looked at the CCTV camera at home, thinking that maybe the gate-keeper took it but there was nothing like that. She prayed and asked God: “Dear Father, You said that there shall be no loss. I now lost this bag with new expensive dresses. I don’t understand…” She left the matter in the hands of God! She refused to be discouraged and she continued the fast. Two weeks passed… Yesterday, as she was coming to church, somebody called on the phone. The unknown woman’s voice asked: “Have you lost anything?” Sister R was confused and did not know what to answer. Then the same woman said: “Did you no forget a bag with some dresses near a woman selling oranges?” Then Sis R said: “Yes!” Then she was told: “The bag is with me. Come tomorrow and take it!” This is a miracle of recovery (more so in Nigeria) because these are new expensive dresses.


What are the lessons? When the Holy Spirit gives you a prophetic word, the devil will do the opposite. This is to make you doubt God’s Word. God will allow the attack so that your faith in Him is tested. Have faith in God! If God has said something to you, no matter how long it takes, no matter what happens in between, things can be missing, some hope can be lost, but that Word cannot be lost! God’s Word will surely come to pass! We give God all the glory for this wonderful miracle and for a successful testing of faith!    Praise the Lord somebody!

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