“For your Maker is your husband. The Lord of Hosts (Jehovah Sabaoth) is His Name! He is called the God of the whole earth!” (Is 54:5)
This revelation of God to Hannah applies to any barren situation in life. There are many people who cry silently on their beds at night because of pain of rejection, broken hearts, disappointments and lost dreams. Life is passing them by and there are no fruits to beautify and enjoy. The devil suggests to them that just weeping is a solution; that God will feel ‘sorry’ for them. Many tears wash a barren face and they remain barren still. But what a mighty change it will be to move in faith to have an encounter with God, to meet the captain of your Salvation and let Him dry your face clean. He is able and He is willing.
Hannah discovered Jesus to be faithful and true. The God that shut her womb became the God that opened it to overflow. Leave the bed of sorrow, go to the altar of God and by faith, give God a chance to prove Himself to you as the One who opens doors long barricaded. What do you lose if you believe? Nothing! You only lose your sorrow and shame! If you are tempted to say: ‘I believed yesterday and nothing happened’, believe again! Command doubt out of your thoughts and believe again! We are called to a ‘living hope’ and ‘inexpressible, glorious joy.’ Never, ever forget that for believers, the end of all suffering is joy!
In Christ I declare:
I was a sinner; I am now a saint, saved by the Blood of Jesus! I will not weep again, for He, my Shepherd, has led me to His living waters and dried all my tears! My past bareness shall become a testimony of fruitfulness and praise! I am healed! All to God’s glory! In Jesus’ name, amen!


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