“Who among you fears the Lord
and obeys the voice of his servant?
Let him who walks in darkness
and has no light
trust in the name of the Lord
and rely on his God” (Is 50:10)

These are difficult times. There are days when everything around you makes no sense. It seems like God has gone to sleep and you are alone on the earth. There are times when fear wants to arrest you, to take you as its prisoner. There are times when you don’t know what to pray about. Things do not go as planned or as prayed for. Friends become strangers…some even become your enemies… There is confusion in the land and stress all around you. Life is getting more difficult. You feel like falling down the hill with nothing close by to grasp, to stop to fall. The world looks up side down. The Bible seems silent when you search for a Word of strength. The devil plays with your mind. He tells you that this spiritual darkness will continue forever, that hope is lost and can never be found.

Child of God, I want to remind you of the Word of God! Even in the darkest hour, God is still God!!! He is the covenant – keeping God! You may shake and you may weep but suddenly, the storm is over and the rainbow will shine brighter than ever. God will speak again and your spirit will be revived. God will send His servants to encourage you with living words. Your prayers will be answered faster than you can imagine. This is God’s promise: the light will always defeat the darkness!!!

This is my word to you: No matter what…no matter what you see around you… no matter what you hear on the news… no matter what the doctor says to you… no matter what people say or don’t say… remember that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever! Hold on! Trust God to the end! You are still breathing! Trust God! The devil is a liar! God is the faithful God! He can change your circumstances in the twinkling of an eye. Reject fear, depression, discouragement and doubt! These are enemies! Hate them! Reject them! Hope is on the way! Your pain today will become a testimony tomorrow! God knows His job! God needs no counselor! He will wipe away all your tears! You will laugh again! Our God can never fail! Trust this unfailing God!

Even now, open your mouth and confidently say: “I am a child of God! No matter what, I trust You, my God! I trust You to the very end! Your grace is sufficient for me even when I don’t understand what is happening to me! I live by faith in Your Word! I shall rejoice! Glory to You alone! In Jesus name I pray, amen!”

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    As I read this, the Lord reminded me of Esther and Mordecai’s steadfastness in the darkest hours….

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