Our granddaughter Angel is 13. Her mother just informed me that she has passed the test for ‘the cheerleaders team’. She was very sick these few days. She had the flu: fever, cough, body pains and weakness. She felt very bad not only because she was sick but that she had to pass the tests this week. She has been preparing for months with her colleagues. On Monday she was too sick to even go to school and missed the first day of cheerleader’s tests. On Tuesday was the last day for the cheerleader’s test when they have to dress with the proper costumes. She was still sick. She could not eat food, only drinking orange juice. She wept begging her mother to let her go and do the test. Her mother was worried because she looked so weak. She phoned me to ask for advice. I told her that in the natural, she should not allow her daughter to go to do any test when she is sick. But I also told her to have faith in God, for a miracle. I said to her: “when your 13 years old daughter cries that she wants to go to pass a test, it is not good to quench her spirit. She has faith. She is a fighter.’ I told her to tell Angel: ‘Ok, let’s go. We shall pray to God for supernatural strength and favor. If you pass the test of not, I and Malia (your grandma) are very proud of you. In our hearts you are always a champion!” They prayed and they went to school. Her mum sent me a message that immediately they arrived, supernatural strength came upon Angel. She did all her routines perfectly, with charm and grace. We praised God for that!
This evening, they called me face time very happy, shouting and praising God. Angel has passed the tests!!! From now on, you may see her ‘cheer leading’ at sports events and other occasions.
This seems like a small testimony. But to me, her grandma, it is a big story that encouraged me this evening! The fact that God proved Himself strong in a teenager’s life, in her hour of need, makes this testimony great! We are all grateful and happy! To God alone be all the glory!
Lessons: God is an ever present Help in times of need! Put your trust in God and He will make sure that you will not be disappointed! Sickness and trials should not stop you in doing the right thing! Pray! Do your best, leaving the rest with God! With God all things are possible! God bless your children who learn to trust in God!
(In the picture, Angel and her mum (our daughter)
Cheer leader
Alina and Angel

2 comments on “ANGEL’S TESTIMONY

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Every testimony strengthens faith..
    You have a beautiful family, I pray Angel cheers for the Lord. 🙂

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