“For God is not the Author of confusion but of peace, as in all churches of the saints” (1 Cor 14: 33)
By definition, confusion is; a blurred, foolish and anxious thinking; an unstable mind that has lost focus and purpose; hears more than one voice; mixed ideas indiscriminately; fail to differentiate between similar things; slower thinking especially decision making (stagger, waver), memory loss, paranoia (suspicious on others thinking that they are enemies) that leads to anxiety, inability to listen and understand the Word. Confusion of mind is a sign and a proof of an unregenerate mind. All unbelievers are confused; some more than others.
Confusion is a sign of defeat of your enemy. Babel (the world) was defeated by God through confusion (Gen 11). Confusion of the mind is never healthy! Confusion is never acceptable to a believer; it is always the result of satanic attacks.
By the grace of God, your enemies will never come to agreement how to destroy you. They will be confused; they will quarrel and betray one another. Spiritually speaking, it is a proof of God’s judgment upon a wicked person, an idolater, a religious traitor in the church. Such a person is a wolf among the sheep; very difficult to detect and very dangerous. The Shepherd will throw His rod against the secret enemy and the effect of the blow will be confusion of mind. The greatest condemnation is when God gives them up to their evil desires and confusion follows (Rom 1, 2). An unrepentant heart is troubled with confusion and it is dying already. Homosexuality is the result of confusion of mind. The suicide of Judas was also the result of confusion of mind.
In Christ I declare Psalm 70:2-4 over my life! May those who seek my life be put to shame and confusion… But may all who seek You, rejoice and be glad in You! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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