“You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah” (Ps 32: 7)
Three days ago I woke up without my voice. I was not sick but I could only speak in whispers. On Friday we had the Women’ Fellowship in our church. I was too much ‘on fire’ to keep quiet. I used the little voice I had to preach and to pray. I shouted in whispers!!!! The Holy Spirit compensated my weakness with His mighty anointing. I am sure 100% that testimonies of miracles will follow. Yesterday, we had our prophetic prayer meeting. My voice was better. I could ‘manage’ to preach and pray. The Holy Spirit was faithful and gave us the ‘push’ to make progress.
Today, Sunday morning, I woke up with my voice still not strong enough. I am a pastor. I needed to worship the Lord and to exhort the brethren. I prepared a good word. But as I stood up on the altar, microphone in hand…waiting… a little worried about how will I speak… They were many visitors and strangers. They may complain that this ‘oyibo’ cannot talk well… I waited… Suddenly, the Holy Spirit encouraged me. He told me that today, there is no need to preach to the people. I should worship Him alone!
So I lifted my heart and eyes to heaven and I worshiped God. In a hall full of people, I sang to my Lord alone. I saw no one. I heard no one. Only Jesus! Only Jesus! I forgot about people’s opinions or my ‘cracked’ voice. I went straight into the Holy place and gave God my best. Men may complain… but God always encourages me. He never rejects my heart’s broken pieces, my limping dance or my out of tune voice. I was desperate for a fresh touch from my Lover. I got more than a touch. I got an embrace and a lifting of my head. The Holy Spirit accepted my sacrifice of praise! The voice was so-so. But the heart was right. God looks at the heart! How wonderful!
People did not know how much I struggled this morning. Thru the labor of love, a testimony of grace was born. God’s fire surrounded me. His grace covered me. His Spirit filled me. The fire was so much that I grabbed one of our daughters in the choir and we sang together a song of deliverance. There was an impartation. This was church for me this morning!
“My very heart bows in adoration, Lord…”
SLL 95

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