“Her children rise up and call her blessed” (PV 31:28)
I came from Europe where most women feel unhappy about their looks. They struggle so much to look beautiful. Getting old is seen like a punishment. But in Nigeria (where I live and do ministry), things are very different. Thank God! In my experience, the older people here enjoy life more than the young ones. Getting older is seen as a life promotion. After a certain age, people are free from any bondage feelings of self-consciousness. I am a witness that people here believe that all mothers are beautiful, no matter their size, color, social status, financial status, fashion sense etc… If a young man wants to describe what love and beauty means, he thinks of his mother. He says: “My mama? I no de take am play! My mama? Na the best mama! She don suffer for me. I love am well-well…”

I am blessed to live here, where, in the eyes of my husband and our children, I will be beautiful forever! I am not joking… Can you imagine the greatness of such a blessing? As a mother, I am free indeed! Happy mother’s day to all mothers who read this post! God bless you! With love, from Nigeria…

(This picture was taken in 2013, when we were building our sanctuary. My husband and I traveled for a short vacation. When we came back, the brethren surrounded us with loud greetings, like we have not seen for ten years! This is me and them, happy mother and happy children in Christ! This is original joy! Is Jesus not wonderful?)

FH 2013

(The sweet word ‘pickin’ in ‘pidging’ local English means ‘child”)


  1. Mary Ann says:

    Yes Jesus is wonderful!
    I pray you have a happy mothers day with all your children, natural and adopted into the sheepfold!

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