“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Ps 139:14)
A beautiful daughter in Christ, a godly wife and mother wrote this message. She is beautiful inside out. She is in her late thirties. She is a worshiper in her church. She is hard working and very kind. I know her and her parents. I remember that as a teenager she was always self conscious because of her pimples. Her husband is born again, a kind hard working man. He loves her very much. I was a little surprised when she sent me this note. Dear brethren, please pray for this sister. Encourage her with words from your heart (she will read your comments). Words have power. Prayers move mountains! God bless you all!
I use her story as a pint of contact to encourage all other young women and men, children of God, who feel that they are not beautiful (handsome) enough!)
“Dear Malia, Lately I’ve felt not very pretty. I feel like my skin is the first thing I see. So today I was washing my hands in the bathroom and thought, look at your eyes… over the years, I’ve trained myself to look at my skin, the bumps, the imperfections… but I don’t often look at my eyes, my lips, my eyebrows… they look like my children, and I think they are the most beautiful people in the world… so I must change my own perspective of my natural beauty. I never take or post pictures of myself because I think who wants to see bumps… but there are other things to my face and also, those bumps are a part of my story. Malia, thank you for your encouragement!”
Black shy girl
(The picture is taken from the internet. It is not this sister. I thought that it is helpful to have a picture to imagine her)

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