‘The name of the Lord is a strong tower (fortress); the righteous run to it and they are safe!’ (PV 18:10)
The royal castle of the Scottish kings at Stirling is built on a rock. It towers over the fertile valley bellow. This castle has protected many kings and queens over the years. It is a silent witness of the battle and the victory in 1314 when Scotland became free from England. Outside, the castle is majestic in strength. Inside the castle, King James V planted a beautiful and peaceful garden where he can stroll freely with his queen. The castle can be visited even today.
In the same way, the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is mighty and fearful outside but peaceful and beautiful inside. The enemies of Christ fear His name and cannot fight it. But the brethren of Christ call His name in the day of trouble and they are saved. If you are born again, knowing His name brings faith, peace and joy inside your heart! “Jesus!!!!!!”
(In the pictures you see the outside, the inside gardens and the chapel of Stirling Castle in Scotland as it is today)
The royal castle at Stirling, Scotland
The royal castle at Stirling, Scotland (interior gardens)
The royal castle at Stirling, Scotland (the chapel)

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