“The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe” (PV 29:25)
In Hebrew the word ‘fear’ means to be so full of anxiety until you become restless and impatient. It means to become frustrated, confused and embarrassed because of fear of defeat in battle. Fear of man produces a coward and a loser. Its victims are full of inferiority complexes. This fear is a snare. Strangely, there is something deceptively attractive about fear. It devices and traps its victims. Like watching horror movies, the believer becomes infatuated with intimidation. He goes too close to the devil and he is captured by him as a prisoner of war. This is how the snare works!
Fearing what men say about you or what they can do to you is something you must confront. You cannot ignore this fear. You must defeat it! Many believers are in bondage to this evil spirit of oppressive bullying. They dream about deliverance but for a long time, they are not ready to fight for freedom. They play safe by overinvesting in relationships ‘for peace sake’ – they say. But this compromise, this false peace, is a snare. For no man or woman can save, protect or promote you! Only God can do that!
For as long as you love men more than you love Jesus, the snare cannot be broken! To fear men more than you fear God it means that something is wrong somewhere. As a coward you do not completely trust God and His promises. You may be deceived to say ‘I trust God’ but in reality your faith is damaged and you are ignorant of it. You need help from God. Selah!
By contrast, faith in God keeps you truly ‘safe’. In Hebrew, the word ‘faith’ means to be confident in God’s promises and to be sure of His Word. Faith is His covering. Faith makes you bold as a lion. All your hope is in God. To be ‘safe’ it means to be strong, totally inaccessible from the attacks of the strongest men, exalted on high and promoted above all your enemies. In Christ, God is your unfailing defense. Now, you need to choose: who do you fear? Is it God or men? Only God is able to protect you from all your enemies, spiritual of natural. May your eyes open to see your need for deliverance and victory!
This is my testimony: I was born a coward. I was an addict to fear. I was described as an intelligent but very shy girl. I cannot stand when men bully me. I shake, weep and I run. In the past, the only way I knew how to defeat these bullying boys, was to be the best in class. Academically, I decided to be the best I could be. I read all my books. I prepared for all my exams. I was an A student. Wining the competitions, gaining the medals, having my picture in the honor list became my dream and my desire. This was my way of telling the world that I am not afraid of losers. Of course, this method had only superficial and temporary results. After I became born again, I finally understood that this is a spiritual battle. Thru the study of the Word of God, prayer and faithfully serving God, I became a mature Christian. I became a woman of God. I am now a true champion. I am a sign and a wonder to myself. I learned to dance like David danced! Thru this worship war-like dance, I trampled all the Goliaths around me. I am now free and free indeed! To God alone be all the glory! I mean that: to God alone be all the glory!
Fear not


  1. riverlifepsalms1 says:

    Truly believing this!!

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