AARON’S TESTIMONY: HEALED!!! (13th of June, 2019)

The prayer request bellow was sent to you about 3 months ago. This afternoon, Aaron and his dad came to see Pastor and I. He has finished the chemotherapy sessions and he has been declared cancer free. Aaron was feeling shy because, as a result of the chemotherapy, his hair fell off. He came dressed with a jacket and a hood, to cover his ‘bololo’ head. He said that the children laugh at him because he has no hair. He is fair but because of the chemotherapy he became very dark in color. He was self conscious because of that. He was telling me that the cancer made him “black”. I encouraged him that soon he will be his normal color with hair on his head. He smiled… Otherwise, he was happy and strong. I encouraged him to remove it so that the two of us take a picture together in my office. He did! You see both of us smiling in the picture bellow.
His father was telling me that between March and June, during this period of trial, God proved Himself strong on behalf of his little son. He was at a point of death three times but he recovered and became stronger than before. When they needed money, God used many people to supply. Each time Aaron needed blood transfusions, even strangers donated for him. He said that once, during the chemotherapy session, his blood count suddenly dropped to dangerously low. It was 12 midnight. The doctor said that he should look for donors. He phoned some brethren from Warri that this is an emergency. Four Christian brethren drove from Warri to Benin and were in the hospital before 3 am to donate blood. The doctors were surprised and told him that God is with him. Aaron is in primary three. The principal of the school the son attends in Warri came to visit him in the hospital and gave him permission to write the exams later. During the last chemotherapy session, his wife phoned that she is in labor. He left Aaron alone in UBTH in the care of the other patients and nurses and ran to Warri to be with his wife as she delivered their third son. The testimonies go on and on…
He gives all the glory to God for the healing, provision and strength He provided during this period of trial. He also said I should thank all the people who prayed for his son. God bless you all! To God be all the glory!
This is the sad story of a boy called ‘Aaron’ (not his real name). He is 9 years of age. Right now he is lying down sick at UBTH. He has been diagnosed with cancer in one kidney. The surgeons have removed his kidney. He is now undergoing chemotherapy. He is reacting to the drugs. The doctors are battling with the disease. For weeks, his father sleeps on the floor by his son. The parents are faithful humble Believers. We know them personally. They are tired hoping for light in the darkness. They have spent all their money. But they still have faith in God that their son will rise from that sick bed and go home and be healthy again! The father phones us often!
Dear intercessors, please pray that God will intervene and miraculously heal this boy. For nothing is impossible for God! There is power when we agree in prayer! Let’s pray! The greater the challenge we meet, the greater the faith will be supplied! We vow to give God alone all the glory for the healing of Aaron! In Jesus’ name! Amen!
‘Do not be afraid! Only believe!’ (Mark 5:36)
Aaron (Daniel) and I

2 comments on “AARON’S TESTIMONY: HEALED!!! (13th of June, 2019)

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful testimony.
    God is faithful praise His Holy Name!

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