A dear sister in Christ, a faithful worshipper of God, a godly wife and mother needs your prayers! She and her husband are led by the Holy Spirit to start a private business, a shop. They are almost there but not there yet. She sent me a note saying that they have to take away from their last savings. This is a work of faith. Both of them want not just a shop but a testimony too. I told them that God will not put them to shame!
“For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in Him will not be put to shame!” (Rom 10:11)
This is her note to me this morning: “Dear Malia, We are now going to pull the money from our last resort fund… I’m sharing this with you because I see my heart beating like normal. Only GOD could’ve done this work in me. I used to be so fearful of being poor, not having any money, taking our kids on a dangerous ride… but the truth is… a life without trust in Jesus is dangerously comfortable in a lie. The lie is that it is your job that provides for you, or it is you that works hard to provide for you. But now I see that everything I own is from my Father in heaven, and I have great peace in knowing that He is with us. So watch me as I leap into His arms. I am confident that He will catch me. Here we go!”
Dear intercessors, please pray for them, that they will continue to remain faithful to God’s leading; that they will be re-filled with the Holy Spirit; that Jehovah Jireh will supply all that is necessary for them to start their shop. They have vowed to give God all the glory for their success! I use these couple as a point of contact that God will increase the blessings on you, as you pray for them! You too will open a shop and use it as a testimony giving glory to God! In Jesus’ name!


  1. Mary Ann says:

    God will make a way!
    I touch and agree in prayer.

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